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Top 5 Animal Toys for a Safari-Themed Gender Reveal - Safari Ltd®

Top 5 Animal Toys for a Safari-Themed Gender Reveal

This Safari-themed baby shower is fresh, modern and fun! Our product specialty team helped Kris Castellano from the Bambina Diaries choose the perfect Safari Ltd figurines for her gender reveal! Safari animals decorated every nook and cranny of the space from table decor, to cake and cupcakes!


Needless to say, Kris nailed the theme, sticking to earthy colors with pops of green and gold! She opted to spray paint our figurines giving the decor a more modern look. We go into detailed instructions in this post on how to spray paint our figurines. It's a really fun, easy way to add a breath of freshness to these dynamic figures!

Guests truly felt like they stepped into a jungle! She focused on gold, wood and green elements to mimic the environment that the animals live in... with a contemporary twist! The living plant wall gave family and friends a wildlife feel and served as the perfect photo opportunity! The result was a beautifully curated Safari-themed gender reveal! 


Here are the 5 products we used and why they are perfect for throwing a themed party

Wild Fun Pack

Good Luck Minis are a DIY darling in our community. These miniature figures are perfect for cupcake toppers, or add a dash of fun decor to a pastry tray as they are here. They are versatile in use and also easy to spray paint.



Wild TOOB® & Zoo Babies TOOB®

Our TOOBS are a great size for cake toppers and decor! They are bigger than the minis, but not as big as our other figurines–– making them the perfect in-between size when you want something a bit more prominent but still small enough not to overtake the cake! Our exclusive TOOBS® are all-in-one sets including several miniature figures focused on a theme, with packaging that serves as a re-usable portable storage case with a latching top and carry handle. 


Giraffe & Giraffe Baby

The Wild Safari® Wildlife collection is our core line of scientifically accurate animal figures, featuring some of the most iconic animals to walk the earth! The toys are all highly detailed, hand-painted and ready for play–– or table decor! These figurines are bigger, so they're ideal for sprinkling on a table emphasizing your theme in a playful way. 

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