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Top 20 Safari Ltd Toys Under $20 - Safari Ltd®

Top 20 Safari Ltd Toys Under $20

Safari Ltd offers over 800 toys, including wildlife toys, mythical creature figures, prehistoric and dinosaur toys, our interactive Safariology line, our TOOBS and Good Luck Minis, and much more. It can be overwhelming to try to choose from such a wide selection. That’s why we’ve prepared this handy guide to our Top 20 Toys Under $20. We’ve got a lot of really great toys you can add to your collection or give as gifts this holiday season, all without breaking the bank! Let’s check them out.


  1. Life Cycle of a Salmon figure set – This best-selling Life Cycle set includes five individual pieces depicting the life cycle of this interesting fish – all for just $10.99. From egg to adult and everything in between, the pieces in this Life Cycle set make an excellent supplement for biology lessons.

 Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Salmon Figure Set

  1. Glow in the Dark Snow Dragon figure – At $16.99, this detailed dragon figurine is moderately priced, but that’s not all. It’s also got the added functionality of being glow in the dark! This adds some fun versatility and play value to an already awesome dragon toy.

 Safari Ltd Glow in the Dark Snow Dragon Figure

  1. Mythical Realms Bigfoot figure – If you’re looking for a gift for someone who loves cryptids, nothing really tops Bigfoot. At $9.99, it’s a no brainer. From the iconic pose to the intricate sculpted fur, at this price this big guy really can’t be beat.

 Safari Ltd Mythical Realms Bigfoot Figure

  1. Prehistoric World Allosaurus figureWhen it comes to big, bad meat-eating dinosaurs, Tyrannosaurus rex gets a lot of the credit. But Allosaurus was no slouch! This Jurassic predator was one of the largest and most feared dinosaurs of its time. Our Allosaurus figure, at over 9 inches long, features amazing scientifically accurate detail, and can be an awesome addition to any dinosaur figure shelf for just $14.99!

 Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Allosaurus Figure

  1. USA Presidents TOOB – For an absolutely unbeatable price of $4.99, this set offers eight miniature busts of influential US Presidents. An excellent teaching tool for United States history lessons.

 USA Presidents TOOB

  1. Incredible Creatures Guinea Pig figureAn absolutely incredible value, this large-sized Guinea Pig figure from our Incredible Creatures collection is 4 ¼ inches long and only $2.99! The larger size and scale of the Incredible Creatures figures allow for more detail, and the Guinea Pig is no exception. Add this cute little critter to your collection today, and you’ll never have to worry about cleaning its cage!

 Safari Ltd Guinea Pig Figure

  1. Fairy Fantasies Tea Party SetThis set includes two fairy figures seated on toadstools, with a sunflower table set for tea time. A great centerpiece for any fairy garden or fantasy display, this multi-figure set is fantastically priced at just $8.50.

 Safari Ltd Fairy Fantasies Tea Party Set

  1. Wild Wildlife Panda figureThis 7 ½ inch long Panda figure is part of our Wild Wildlife large scale figure collection, but you wouldn’t know it by the price – just $7.99! Packed with adorable details, this black and white bear makes a great gift for any panda aficionados!

 Safari Ltd Wild Wildlife Panda Toy

  1. Incredible Creatures Sea Turtle figureAt over 8 inches in length, this Sea Turtle figure makes a great toy for kids 18 months and up! Its large size means there’s a lot for kids to hold, and it’s less likely to get lost in a couch cushion. With loads of realistic detail, this piece is great for animal figure collectors of all ages as well.

 Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Sea Turtle Figure

  1. Prehistoric World Camarasaurus figure – At $18.99, this Camarasaurus figure is a lot of bang for your buck. It’s a hefty sauropod dinosaur figure coming it at over a foot in length. For sheer amount of figure you get, it’s really a difficult dino toy to beat at this price. It’s also got an excellent accurate sculpt to really show off those dino details.

 Safari Ltd Camarasaurus Figure

  1. Prehistoric World Triceratops figure – You’ve got to respect the classics. For any dino fan on your holiday gift list, it’s hard to go wrong with the iconic Triceratops. At $11.99, this dino figure is full of accurate scientific detail, and at nearly 8 inches long it’s a lot of toy for a little price.

 Safari Ltd Triceratops Dinosaur Toy

  1. Wild Safari Sea Life Great White Shark figureYou can’t go wrong with the classics, and sometimes you just need a really good Great White Shark figure. This Safari Ltd shark toy delivers, with amazing realistic detail over all 6 inches of this figure, from its toothy mouth to its tapered tail. And the best part? It’s only $7.34.

 Safari Ltd Great White Shark Toy

  1. South African Animals TOOBWith 9 miniature animals representing the extraordinary creatures of South Africa, this TOOB includes an Elephant, Hyena, Giraffe, Rhino, Cape Buffalo and much more, all for $13.99. An excellent way to learn about animals, and also great for sensory play and other activities.

 South African Animals TOOB

  1. Wild Safari Clouded Leopard figure – One of our more popular wildlife offerings, this Clouded Leopard figure includes some really awesome paint work on this feline’s distinctive splotched pattern. At $7.99, it’s an inexpensive but worthwhile addition to any wildlife toy collection.

 Safari Ltd Wild Safari Clouded Leopard Toy

  1. Wild Wildlife Alligator figureThis intricately detailed Alligator figure is over 10 inches long and scientifically accurate from the rounded end of its toothy mouth to the scaly tip of its tail. For $11.99, it’s just about the best Alligator toy out there.

 Safari Ltd Alligator Figure

  1. Solar System SetLearn about the planets that revolve around our sun with this set of nine miniatures of celestial bodies in our solar system. At $10.49, this set includes eight planets, plus the sun, and a clear acetate tray for displaying them all together.

 Safari Ltd Solar System Set

  1. Good Luck Minis Blind BagFor just $9.99, this blind bag includes a random assortment of our tiniest toys! At one inch long each, our Good Luck Minis are great little keepsakes to keep around to help raise your spirits and bring good fortune. Featuring as many mini figures as we can fit in this 3 ½ inch by 4 ½ inch bag, there’s sure to be something great in store with this mystery fun pack.

 Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis Blind Bag Mini Figures

  1. Best in Show Golden Retriever figureIt’s no mystery why Golden Retrievers consistently rank near the top of popular dog breeds - they’re friendly, playful, and loyal family dogs. Still, having a dog is a big responsibility. Having a toy dog, meanwhile, is relatively free of obligations! This Golden Retriever figure is 4 ½ inches long and makes a great gift for dog fans at only $5.24!

 Safari Ltd Golden Retriever Dog Figure

  1. Winner’s Circle Friesian Mare figureSafari Ltd’s Winner’s Circle horse figures are all pretty great, but there’s just a certain majesty in the dynamic pose of the Friesian Mare figure, with its proud stance and flowing mane. At $8.99, it’s a fantastic choice for Friesian fans.

 Safari Ltd Friesian Mare Figure

  1. Baby Luck Dragon figureAn adorable little good luck charm, this friendly furry dragon toy is 3 ½ inches long, and could be mistaken for a puppy if it weren’t for its six legs! At only $3.99, it’s a great toy to bring joy to any dragon fan.

Baby Luck Dragon Toy

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