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The Top 10 Safari Ltd Toys from Each Category - Safari Ltd®

The Top 10 Safari Ltd Toys from Each Category in 2020

Safari Ltd has a huge range of educational toys and figures available – nearly 1000! With so many learning toys to choose from, it can be tough to narrow down which toy is right for you, or whoever you might be buying a gift for with the holidays right around the corner.

Have no fear! Safari Ltd is here with a handy guide to help you. If you’re unsure of which toys to choose, why not start with the toys that other people seem to like? This blog takes a look at the top 10 toys from each category. With these best sellers, you’ll be able to make an educated and researched choice when you’re ready to make your purchase.

And who knows? You might even walk away with some great deals on some amazing toys! So without further ado, let’s break down the Top 10 Safari Ltd. Toys in each category.


Prehistoric and Dinosaur Toys

One of our most popular collections is our Wild Safari Prehistoric World, featuring dinosaurs and creatures from eras long past. We’ve got a lot of dinosaur figures in this category, so choosing the right one can be difficult. Let’s see which are our top ten dinosaur toys to help you make the right call.

Prehistoric Mammal Figures

Not all our top prehistoric toys are dinosaurs. Our fans have quite a bit of love for the ancient mammals that appears on Earth long after the dinosaurs became extinct (that is, the ones that didn’t turn into birds).

10. Smilodon figure - Better known as the "Saber-toothed tiger", this prehistoric cat did have some pretty wicked teeth, but was not closely related to modern tigers.

Safari Ltd Smilodon Figure

9. Giant Sloth figure – The Megatherium, also known as the Giant Sloth, is an excellent prehistoric animal toy, and a great choice to do battle with your Smilodon.

Safari Ltd Giant Sloth Figure

8. Doedicurus figure – Of course, if you really want a figure that can hold its own against Smildon, you’ll need something with some defensive capabilities. This ancient armadillo relative packs an armored shell and a spiked tail to give any predators a run for their money.

Safari Ltd Doedicurus Figure

7. Woolly Mammoth figure – Then there’s the tried and true, one of the most well-known and iconic of the prehistoric mammals, the Woolly Mammoth. With its shaggy fur, curling tusks and trademark trunk, this distant relative of elephants is instantly recognizable.

Safari Ltd Woolly Mammoth Figure

Prehistoric Plant Eater Dinosaur Toys

Now, we come to what you’ve been waiting for – the dinosaurs! While meat-eating dinosaurs are always popular, the plant-eaters are no slouches! Here are our top herbivore dinosaur figures:

6. Nasutoceratops figure – This horned dinosaur has two pointed horns that are curved like those of a bull. Unlike its relative Triceratops, it lacked a horn on its nose, but instead had a very prominent bump. This helped give the dino its name – Nasutoceratops means “Large Nosed Horned Face”.

Safari Ltd Nasutoceratops Figure

5. Diplodocus figure – This long-necked sauropod is one of the largest dinosaurs ever to walk the Earth. Some species may have grown over 100 feet long! Our Diplodocus figure isn’t quite that big, but at over 18 inches in length, it’s no small fry.

Safari Ltd Diplodocus Figure

4. Ankylosaurus figure – All of the plant-eating dinos discussed so far have some way of protecting themselves – Nasutoceratops used its horns, and Diplodocus relied on sheer size. But Ankylosaurus, one of the most well-known and popular armored dinos, had a full set of bony armor to help it survive, in addition to a wicked tail club it could use to whack any dinos that tried to make a snack out of it.

Safari Ltd Ankylosaurus Figure

Prehistoric Predator Dinosaur Figures

And now, we come to the sharp teeth and the curving claws of the predatory meat-eating dinosaur figures! These are our most popular meat-eating dinosaur toys:

3. Guanlong figure – This little known early relative of T-Rex may seem like a surprising choice, but this dino toy’s popularity is likely because it’s available at a very nice price. Grab it before it’s gone!

Safari Ltd Guanlong Figure

2. Liopleurodon figure – This predatory reptile of the prehistoric seas had a huge mouth full of chomping sharp teeth, and the figure packs some amazing accurate detail at an equally amazing price.

Safari Ltd Liopleurodon Figure

1. Feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex figure – Of course, it makes sense that one of our most popular dinosaur figures would be the king of all dinosaurs – T-Rex! This foot-long figure features a feathered appearance, based on the idea that this top predator might have been fluffy rather than scaly.

Safari Ltd Feathered Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure


Mythical and Fantasy Toys

Safari Ltd is well known for its accurate and researched educational toys of animals and dinosaurs, but we also like to delve into myth and folklore to promote imaginative and creative play. Here are our top ten mythical and fantasy figures to help you choose which ones are right for you.

Friendly Fairy Figurines

Our Fairy figures love to have fun, and they’re the perfect size for creating little Fairy Gardens of your own!

10. Fairy Fantasies Tea Party SetThis set is available at an amazing price, and features two fairy figurines seated on toadstools while they sip tea at a sunflower table. A perfect display piece for any fairy fan.

 Fairy Fantasies Tea Party Set

Greek Myth Figures

Safari Ltd has a wide variety of popular figures based on the characters and creatures found in the mythology of Ancient Greece, and it’s no surprise that a lot of them are among our best sellers!

9. Griffin figure – This regal mythical creature combines the front of an Eagle with the rear half of a Lion. Its golden coloring is sure to catch anyone’s eye.

Safari Ltd Griffin Figure

8. Gold Areion figure – Continuing the gold theme, this bat-winged horse is a gilded testament to the wealth of the sea god Poseidon. Amazingly priced, this dazzling figure is a must for any mythology fan.

Safari Ltd Gold Areion Figure

7. Hippogryph figure – This mystical beast is part horse and part griffin, which is itself half eagle and half lion. This figure is great for fans of wizarding worlds.

Safari Ltd Hippogryph Figure

6. Scylla figure – A frightening monster that terrorized the hero Odysseus on his long journey, this unique figure features menacing tentacles and a belt of wolf heads!

Safari Ltd Scylla Figure

Minotaur figure – This half bull, half man monster resides in the center of a tortuous labyrinth. Our Minotaur figure includes a removable club accessory.

Safari Ltd Minotaur Figure

4. Cyclops figure – This one-eyed giant, like Scylla, was also a thorn in the side of Odysseus. Our Cyclops figure is a hulking brute with a hefty hammer, and is available at an extremely nice price.

Safari Ltd Cyclops Figure

3. Cerberus figure – The Hound of Hades, this popular pup has three furry heads. You can pet them all (at your own risk) when you take home our Cerberus figure!

Safari Ltd Cerberus Figure

Cryptozoology Toys

In recent years, Safari Ltd has begun delving into more modern mythology and legends in the form of cryptid figures – animals that are not proven to exist by science, but are known from folktales, stories and other sightings. Are they real? Who can say? Here are our top cryptid figures:

2. Mothman figure – What was the creature who terrorized the town of Point Pleasant, West Virginia in the 1960s? A large, shadowy figure with glowing red eyes and huge wings, the Mothman is a mysterious creature that is said to appear before events of great tragedy.

Safari Ltd Mothman Figure

1. Bigfoot figure – The well-known and iconic Sasquatch is our most popular cryptid figure! Sculpted in the iconic pose from the controversial Paterson film, this Bigfoot toy is ready to walk right into your home! This is a great display piece for any fans of the unknown. The truth is out there!

Safari Ltd Bigfoot Figure


Dragon Toys

Staying in the realm of fantasy and myth for a bit, let’s take a look at the best of the best from the Safari Ltd Dragons collection. These intricate, detailed and innovative dragon designs are a delight for kids, collectors, tabletop gamers, and any fans of fantasy figurines.

10. Happy Dragon figure – Not all dragons are fearsome creatures. Take the Happy Dragon for example! This brightly colored dragon figure is grinning a toothy grin and spreading its arms wide for a big hug.

Safari Ltd Happy Dragon Figure

9. Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Dragon figure – Everyone loves a good glow in the dark toy, but this dragon figurine looks fantastic whether the lights are on or off! And be sure to check out its non-glowing cousin, the Ice Dragon figure, as well. 

Safari Ltd Glow-in-the-Dark Snow Dragon

8. Dragon King figure – This fearsome dragon may not have wings, but it does have two menacing, spiky, tooth-filled heads!

Safari Ltd Dragon King Figure

7. Gnome Dragon figure – Another silly dragon figure, the Gnome Dragon’s face says it all. For a great price, you can bring home this gnome/dragon combo figurine!

Safari Ltd Gnome Dragon Figure

6. Ghost Dragon figure – Unlike the Gnome Dragon, the Ghost Dragon figure is anything but silly. This frightful skeletal dragon toy is full of ghastly detail.

Safari Ltd Ghost Dragon Figure

5. Guardian Dragon figure – The armored Guardian Dragon is a fantastically detailed toy of this courageous and fearless dragon.

Safari Ltd Guardian Dragon Figure

4. Sleepy Dragon figure – This charming dragon figure is curled up just like a loyal pet. And it can be your loyal pet, for a fantastic price!

Safari Ltd Sleepy Dragon Figure

3. Dragon Hatchlings figures – These little guys just popped out of their eggs and are looking for their mother! Better make sure to grab a Cloud Dragon figure just to make sure they’re well taken care of!

Safari Ltd Dragon Hatchlings Figure

2. Baby Luck Dragon figure – This cute, puppy like baby dragon figure is sure to bring you good fortune! With six furry legs, an adorable expression, and a fantastic price, this dragon toy is a no-brainer! Grab the adult Good Luck Dragon to keep it company!

Safari Ltd Baby Luck Dragon Figure

1. Baby Love Dragon figure – What better way to show your love for that special someone than with this beautiful Baby Love Dragon figurine? With its vibrant pink coloration and loving expression, it’s sure to bring warmth and good feelings to whoever holds it! Pair it with a Love Dragon figure for an even better display of warmth and affection!

 Safari Ltd Baby Love Dragon

Wildlife Toys

By now you’ve seen the top prehistoric, dinosaur, mythical and dragon figures Safari Ltd has to offer, but now we take a look at our bread and butter – wildlife toys! We are Safari Ltd, after all, it’s right there in the name. We’ve got figures of animals from just about every corner of the world. Let’s have a look and see which ones our fans seem to enjoy the most.

10. Mountain Lion figure – Whether you call this critter a Cougar, a Puma, or a Catamount, our prowling Mountain Lion figure is a loving dedication to this uniquely American feline.

Safari Ltd Mountain Lion Figure

9. Coyote figure – This member of the canine family is found only in North America. Our Coyote figure has a much more pleasant disposition than the real thing.

Safari Ltd Coyote Figure

8. Lynx figure – The Canadian Lynx really puts the “North” in North America, with its range in the coldest and northernmost areas of the continent. Did you know it’s even got fur on the pads of its paws?

Safari Ltd Lynx Figure

7. Aardvark figure – One of the most unusual animals of Africa is the Aardvark. Is it a pig? An anteater? Nope, it’s its own thing. Aardvarks use their distinctive snouts to sniff out insects to eat, and their sharp claws are used to dig burrows for them to shelter in.

Safari Ltd Aardvark Figure

6. Beaver figure – There is a species of Beaver that lives in Europe, but it’s slightly different from our figure, which represents the North American species. These dam-building rodents are found in almost the entirety of the United States and Canada, with the exception of the northernmost areas, the extreme southwestern U.S., and peninsular Florida.

Safari Ltd Beaver Figure

5. Platypus figure – This extraordinary mammal with the bill of a duck and the tail of a beaver is one of the most unusual animals ever. In fact, even after its initial discovery, many refused to believe it actually existed. But it does indeed exist, and our figure is one of our most popular wildlife toys!

Safari Ltd Platypus Figure

4. Gray Wolf figure – The largest wild member of the canine family, the Gray Wolf is known for its howl, which the Safari Ltd Gray Wolf figure is posed performing.

Safari Ltd Gray Wolf Figure

3. Anhinga figure – Anhingas are found in the southeastern United States, eastern Central America and much of the upper regions of South America. These waterfowl are also called “snake birds” because of how their serpentine necks look sticking out of the water. The Safari Ltd Anhinga figure is a sunning pose, drying out its wings.

Safari Ltd Anhinga Figure

2. River Otter figure – The adorable North American River Otter is a curious and precocious creature, and its nature is captured in our River Otter figure, with its head tilted in a quizzical gesture of interest. This figure features a lot of detail for an awesome price.

Safari Ltd River Otter Figure

1. Red Fox figure – Like our Otter figure, this Red Fox figure is available at a great price. The Red Fox is known for its clever and cunning nature, as well as its orange-red fur, which is faithfully replicated on the Safari Ltd Fox figure.

 Safari Ltd Red Fox Figure

Wild Safari Sea Life Figures

The Earth is full of an amazing variety of animal life, and those that live on land are only a part of it. The sea is home to a startling amount of fascinating creatures, and Safari Ltd is no stranger to these denizens of the deep. Here are our top 10 sea animal figures from our Wild Safari Sea Life collection:

Tentacled Toys

Cephalopods like squids and octopuses are some of the strangest of the sea creatures, with their multiple suction-cupped arms and boneless bodies. Safari Ltd has many cephalopod figures, but two of them squeezed their way into our top 10.

10: Giant Squid figure – One of the largest cephalopods in the sea, the Giant Squid was recently only known from folk tales and dead specimens that washed up on shore. We know they fight Sperm Whales in the ocean depths, thanks to scars found on the whales’ giant heads. In the past few years, living specimens of this gargantuan creature have been observed and even captured on video.

Safari Ltd Giant Squid Figure

9. Blue Octopus figure – The Octopus is a fascinating creature all around. In addition to its boneless body and eight tentacles, it also boasts a pretty impressive intellect. Octopuses are highly intelligent and have been observed to exhibit problem solving behavior! You’ll note we use the plural Octopuses, and not Octopi. Though common, Octopi is actually not the grammatically correct plural for these tentacled treasures.

Safari Ltd Octopus Figure

Penguin Figures

Safari Ltd’s offerings include several different figures of penguins, nature’s most well-dressed birds. These black and white denizens of the Southern Hemisphere may not be able to fly, but they are excellent swimmers, and they do it in style.

8. Rockhopper Penguin figure – This little penguin stands out from its relatives thanks to the crest of yellow feathers above its eyes. Its unique feathering may account for its popularity, but it might also have something to do with its great price!

Safari Ltd Rockhopper Penguin Figure

Whale Toys

The largest animals in the sea, and indeed the largest animals on the entire Earth, are the whales. These gentle giant mammals come in quite a few different shapes and sizes, and thanks to Safari Ltd, many are available in toy form.

7. Blue Whale figure – The Blue Whale is the largest living animal today. It can grow over a hundred feet in length! Our Blue Whale toy is quite a bit smaller than the real thing, but it’s still a great little representation of this humongous creature.

Safari Ltd Blue Whale Figure

Ray and Shark Figures

Rays and sharks both belong to a group known as cartilaginous fishes. Instead of hardened bones, their skeletons are made of elastic, rubbery cartilage. While it may not surprise you that sharks are among our most popular sea life figures, you may not have expected some rays to make the cut as well.

6. Cownose Ray figure – This brown, diamond-shaped ray is a common sight in the Atlantic Ocean. Thousands of these rays will often gather for seasonal migrations. Like many rays, it’s tail features a barbed stinger that can deliver a venomous poke. However, the Cownose Ray has a weak venom that is not very different from a bee sting, and they rarely sting humans.

Safari Ltd Cownose Ray Figure

5. Whale Shark figure – Is it a whale, or is it a shark? The key is in which word comes last. So the Whale Shark is a shark, but its size means it could be confused for a whale. This gentle giant eats only tiny plankton, but it’s the largest living species of shark – believed to be able to grow to over 50 feet in length! In fact, it’s the largest non-whale animal in existence today.

Safari Ltd Whale Shark Figure

4. Bonnethead Shark figure – A smaller, cuter cousin of the more well-known Hammerhead Shark, the Bonnethead is also called the Shovelhead, due to the shape of its head, which resembles a spade more than a hammer. This adorable little shark is entirely harmless, and is actually the only shark species that is known to eat plants as well as animals. The Safari Ltd Bonnethead Shark figure is a great little toy and at awesome price.

Safari Ltd Bonnethead Figure

3. Hammerhead Shark figure – The larger and more iconic cousin to the Bonnethead, the Hammerhead Shark is known for its unique “cephalofoil”, the wide, flattened and roughly hammer shaped structure at the front of its head. The eyes are on either end, and it is believed that the shape of the shark’s head may help improve its vision. But the truth is, nobody knows exactly why the shark’s head is shaped the way it is.

Safari Ltd Hammerhead Shark Figure

2. Mako Shark figure – This endangered shark is one of the fastest fish in the sea. The Shortfin Mako can reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour in pursuit of prey. While this sleek shark looks pretty dangerous, and is certainly capable of inflicting injury, it rarely encounters humans in the water due to its offshore habitat.

Safari Ltd Mako Shark Figure

1. Great White Shark figure - Undoubtedly one of the most famous (or infamous) sharks in the sea, the Great White is one of the largest predatory fishes alive today. Though this toothy shark has attacked humans, such encounters are rare. Either way, owning this figure is safer than encountering the real thing!

Safari Ltd Great White Shark Figure

Domestic Animals

Safari Ltd isn’t all about wild animals. We’ve also got a wide variety of domesticated animals. From horses to farm animals to dogs and cats, let’s see which ones our fans seem to like the best.

10. Llama figure – A common beast of burden in South America, the Llama is the domesticated form of the Guanaco, a humpless member of the Camel family.

Safari Ltd Llama Figure

9 and 8. Trakehner Stallion and Trakehner Mare figures – Trakehners are      named for the town of Trakehnen, in Russia, where the breed originated.              Safari Ltd’s Trakehner Mare is fashioned for show with its mane                            elaborately styled. The Stallion figure, meanwhile, is sorrel-colored and                galloping. Both are available at a price as beautiful as they are!

Safari Ltd Trakehner Stallion Figure

Safari Ltd Trakehner Mare Figure

7 and 6. Brown Swiss Calf and Brown Swiss Bull figures – Two great            farm figures at an awesome price, the Brown Swiss Bull and Calf make a            perfect pair!

Safari Ltd Brown Swiss Calf Figure

Safari Ltd Brown Swiss Bull Figure

5. Arabian Foal figure – This cute little long-legged baby horse figure is amazingly priced and ready to trot its way into your horse figure collection!

Safari Ltd Arabian Foal Figure

4. Lippizzaner Stallion figure – Also called the Lippizzan, this unique horse breed dates back to the 16th century. This awesome horse figure makes a great gift at an even better price.

Safari Ltd Lipizzanner Figure

3. Duck figure – Modeled after a male Mallard Duck, this figure features the striking coloration the species is known for, including its iridescent green head.

Safari Ltd Duck Figure

2. Rocky Mountain Stallion figure – With its striking black coloration and flaxed mane and tail, this is yet another horse figure with a very enticing price!

Safari Ltd Rocky Mountain Stallion Figure

1. German Shepherd Puppy figure – With its tongue hanging out and its left ear lazily flopping, this German Shepherd Puppy figure is super adorable and perfect for any dog fan!

Safari Ltd German Shepherd Puppy Figure

Large Size Animal Figures

Safari Ltd has two categories of scaled, larger-sized animal figurines: Incredible Creatures and Wild Wildlife. Incredible Creatures figures often focuses on smaller animals, like sea creatures, reptiles, and small mammals, and the figures can sometimes even be 1:1 scale, which means life-sized! Wild Wildlife typically features larger animals, like “Big Cats” and other mammals that grow to astonishing sizes. Let’s see which figures in our large-scale lines are the best of the best.

Sea Creatures to Scale

Our extra large sea life and fish figures are some of our most popular. Let’s have a look at which marine and freshwater fish and invertebrates our fans enjoy most!

10. Jellyfish figure – Realistic and detailed, this Jellyfish figure is a great way to get a look at this dangerous sea creature without getting stung!

Safari Ltd Jellyfish Figure

9. Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab figure – This colorful crab figure may have a silly name, but it’s serious about being a realistic and detailed figure that’s nearly life sized!

Safari Ltd Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab

8. Clown Anemonefish figure – The familiar orange and white coloration gives the Clown Anemonefish part of its name. The rest comes from its habit of hanging out among venomous anemones, whose poison it is immune to.

Safari Ltd Clown Anemonefish Figure

7. Goldfish figure – This life-sized Goldfish figure has all the realism with none of the responsibility! This specially priced figure is a great choice for fish fans.

Safari Ltd Goldfish Figure

6. Horseshoe Crab figure – Not really a crab, this unusual invertebrate has been around for over 450 million years! This figure captures their unique armored appearance.

Safari Ltd Horseshoe Crab Figure

Large Sized Mammal Figures

Our fans my love their sea creatures big, but they also dig mammals! Check out these large sized furry fan favorites!

5. Gray Wolf figure – This toy gets you a lot of Gray Wolf figure for a small price! Exquisitely detailed, this is one of our most beloved mammal toys.

Safari Ltd Gray Wolf Figure

4. Puma Concolor figure – Whether you call this figure by its scientific name – Puma Concolor – or one of its many common names (Cougar, Puma, Mountain Lion) there’s no denying that this is a great toy at a fantastic price.

Safari Ltd Puma Concolor Figure

3. Panda figure – This awesomely priced large figure of the adorable Panda Bear features the distinct black and white coloration of this cuddly bear, including the unique black markings surrounding each eye.

Safari Ltd Panda Figure

2. Pangolin figure – The curious Pangolin is covered in large, armor-like scales and can roll into a ball to protect its belly from predators!

Safari Ltd Pangolin Figure

1. Guinea Pig figure – Guinea Pigs are super cute, but caring for them is a lot of responsibility. Thankfully, for a lot less money, you can get this realistic Guinea Pig toy that you don’t even need to feed!

Safari Ltd Guinea Pig Figure


TOOBs and Good Luck Minis

Going from the extra large now to the extra small, Safari Ltd’s sets of TOOBs and Good Luck Minis offer a lot of fun in a tiny package. TOOBs and Good Luck Minis are both great educational toys for matching and counting activities, sensory bins and more, and are also great for DIY projects.

Safari Ltd TOOBs

Packaged in a convenient, resealable carrying case, TOOBs feature sets of 6 to 13 small figurines, each centered around a specific theme and measuring between 1 ¾ and 4 inches.

10. Human Organs TOOB - This set of 8 pieces features organs found in the human body to help teach children about internal anatomy. 

Safari Ltd Human Organs TOOB

9. USA Presidents TOOB – This specially priced TOOB features busts of America’s great leaders. Includes 8 presidential portraits including founding fathers like George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, important figures like Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt, and the more recent John F. Kennedy.

Safari Ltd USA Presidents TOOB

8. Space TOOB – Take a journey into outer space without every leaving the house with this 10 piece set that includes two astronauts, space-faring vehicles like a shuttle and a capsule, and important machinery like the Hubble telescope and a satellite.

Safari Ltd Space TOOB

7. Ocean TOOB – Dive beneath the waves with the Ocean TOOB, with 12 creatures of the deep including mammals like whales, dolphins and sea lions, fish including sharks, rays and moray eels, as well as invertebrates, reptiles, birds and more.

Safari Ltd Ocean TOOB

6. Insects TOOB – Explore the world of creepy crawlies without the ick factor! This 14 piece set of bugs includes a Caterpillar, Butterfly, Praying Mantis, Ladybug, Grasshopper and more.

Safari Ltd Insects TOOB

Good Luck Minis

Even smaller than our TOOB figures, each Good Luck Mini is about an inch long, but still full of tons of detail. Fun Packs include 8 tiny figures centered around a particular theme. And our Good Luck Minis Bling Bags and Good Luck Minis TOOB include mystery figures for added fun!

5. Dinos Fun Pack – This set includes 8 prehistoric creatures including a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and more. 

Safari Ltd Dinos Fun Pack

4. Arctic Fun Pack – This set is full of cold weather creatures including whales, a Polar Bear, a Moose, and more!

Safari Ltd Arctic Fun Pack

3. Sea Life Fun Pack – Filled with unusual sea creatures including a Hermit Crab, Sea Turtle, Octopus, Manatee and more, this pack of tiny sea life figures is sure to delight any fan of the ocean.

Safari Ltd Sea Life Fun Pack

2. Good Luck Minis Blind BagYou never know what you’re going to get with the Good Luck Minis Blind Bag, and that’s half the fun! Packed with random Good Luck Mini figures, this set is an amazing value.

Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis Blind Bag

1. Good Luck Minis TOOBAll the versatility and portability of a TOOB, but with Good Luck Mini figures instead! This random collection of Good Luck Minis is a fantastic value, and figuring out which Minis you’ll get is all part of the fun!

 Safari Ltd Good Luck Minis TOOB


Designed around interactive and engaging learning, the Safariology collection includes sets of figurines as well as role play accessories geared towards interacting with the world around us.

10. The Solar SystemThis educational set features miniature planets found in our Solar System, plus a Sun, and includes an acetate tray to display them all together. 

Safari Ltd Solar System Set

9. Life Cycle of an AntLearn about the life cycle of this common insect with four detailed figurines showing every stage of ant life.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of an Ant

8. Life Cycle of a LadybugLadybugs don’t start out as cute as you might think! Explore the stages of Ladybug development with this four figure set.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Ladybug

7. Life Cycle of a SalmonThese unique fish start their life in freshwater, then swim to sea and spend most of their life in the ocean before beginning the long journey back home to the river to mate. Learn about the interesting life cycle of this unusual fish with this five figure set.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Salmon

6. Life Cycle of a Green Sea TurtleFrom egg to hatchling to adult sea turtle, this four figure set explores the life stages of these marine reptiles.

Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle

5. Life Cycle of a Green Bean PlantAnimals aren’t the only living things on the planet! Explore the fascinating life cycle of a plant with this five figure set.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Green Bean Plant

4. Life Cycle of a ChickenLearn about the stages of life of this common farm animal without setting foot on the farm, from egg in the nest to adult chicken.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Chicken

3. Life Cycle of a Honey BeeLearn about life in the hive with this 4 piece set that tracks the life cycle of a Honey Bee from egg to adult. 

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

2. Life Cycle of a FrogAmphibians experience a unique life cycle that involves them being born as water-breathing animals, and slowly shedding their gills for lungs as they transition from tadpole to frog. Learn more in this four figure set.

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Frog

1. Life Cycle of a Monarch ButterflyBy far Safari Ltd’s most popular Life Cycle set, the Monarch Butterfly features the unique journey as this creature transforms from caterpillar to beautiful butterfly!

Safari Ltd Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly


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