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The Best Holiday Toy Gift Guide By Age Group - Safari Ltd®

The Best Holiday Toy Gift Guide By Age Group

Here's Our 2020 Top Toys For Kids By Age... Just In Time For The Holidays

Do you want to make a huge impact on your child’s play? Would you like a way to gain the luxury of uninterrupted time while your child engages in independent imaginative play? How does improving the quality of the bonding time with your child through engaging play experiences sound? Safari Ltd. toys provide an enchanting gateway to priceless play experiences for your child, as well as benefits for your whole family.



1-2 Year Olds

Toddlers are busy making connections and comparisons, noticing similarities and differences between objects (size, color, shape, noises, textures, etc), and delighting in exploring new things. Children at this age often experience an explosion in their language development. A caring adult can facilitate vocabulary growth by naming, commenting on, and asking questions about the world and objects all around them.

We offer a variety of XL animal figurines with many textures and sizes that will delight the toddlers in your life, and will provide you with tangible objects to boost your child’s development through play. Here are some of our fan favorites. 

Incredible Creatures Pets Bundle


Morgan Mare


African Elephant

Reticulated Giraffe



3-4 Year Olds

Preschoolers are on the go, and are both mentally and physically active. They are curious about exploring and mimicking the world around them. Preschool years are also crucial for building social skills.

Creative play that mimics people, animals, and activities from real life helps build understanding of their world. Manipulating various sized objects is key for this age as they develop their fine motor skills. Check out our amazing selection of TOOBS and other educational toys to fascinate your preschooler and inspire their curiosity.  Here are some products that will really tap into play interest of this age.

Sea Life Activity Bundle

Pets TOOB®

Down on the Farm TOOB®

People at Work Designer TOOB®

Petting Zoo TOOB®

Green T-Rex Snapper



5-7 Year Olds

In addition to active play that builds muscle, elementary aged kids revel in role playing activities which enhances their mental and emotional skills. This is the superhero and princess stage because most kids at this age enjoy creative and imaginative play.  

Kids at this age often begin to enjoy collections, and are especially enamored by tiny objects. Our toys offer an ideal way to tap into your child’s imagination and help them to populate their creative worlds and stories. 

Dinosaur Activity Bundle

Good Luck Minis TOOB

Pirates TOOB®

Friendly Fairies Super TOOB®

Bundles of Babies TOOB®

Knights & Dragons 2 TOOB®

Alternate option: Fairy Tale Animals TOOB®



8+ Year Olds

Children at this age are making the transition into big kids. They often have more specific interest and complicated play scenarios. They are collectors, story creators, and are interested in being more independent.

Kids at this age often show curiosity about scary stuff. We can hook you up with products that will thrill your collectors, excite your storytellers, and inspire imaginations.

Zombies Super TOOB®

Golden Dragon

Earth Dragon

Pink Unicorn

 Mythical Realms® TOOB® 

Fairies & Dragons Super TOOB®



For The Adventurers and Budding Scientists

An adventurous spirit isn’t bound by age. Here are some bonus educational toys and bundles for all of your inquisitive kids! Any of these awesome toys are sure to delight your little explorer this holiday season.

Museum Activity Bundle

Backyard Activity Bundle

Life Cycle of a Frog

World’s Best Bug Jar SKU 621016


Mega-10 Magnifier

Translucent Optic One


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