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The Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers  Kids: Bringing the Farmyard Home! - Safari Ltd®

The Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers Kids: Bringing the Farmyard Home!

Some kids love dinosaurs, others obsess over robots, and some love nature. Whether your child is a collector or just loves going to the farm, you can’t go wrong with animal figurines. Here are our best farm animal toys for every age.

Best Farm Animal Toys for Babies

Even babies can enjoy the sounds and sights of farm animals.

Farm Animal Sound Maker

The sound maker is an excellent choice for babies. It’s a durable tin with images of farm animals. When tipped over it can moo like a cow and oink like a pig. This is an enjoyable choice for babies learning to grip and hold objects.

Wooden Chunky Farm Puzzle

Your baby may also like to play with our farm puzzle. This can aid in developing hand-eye coordination, problem-solving skills, concentration, and matching. This puzzle includes thick, chunky pieces that are perfect for babies.

Best Farm Animal Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are able to move their toys and explore a little more. These options are great for little ones who want to explore life on the farm.

Taylor’s Tractor Ride

This little farm set comes with animals, Farmer Martha, a corral, and a tractor that makes engine noises. These are larger pieces that are easy to grab and safe for smaller children up to 5 years old.

Farm Animal Wash Day Bath Book

Most toddlers love books, and this bath book is no exception. The pages can get wet, and when they come into contact with warm water, the “dirt” spots on the animals disappear. The spots return once dry, letting your toddler enjoy their book in the pool, in the tub, or playing in the sink.

Best Farm Animal Toys for Children

Whether it’s just a phase or they turn it into a hobby, there are farm animal toys out there for children of all ages.

Suuuper Size Memory Game

Memory is always fun to play with. This jumbo game features extra large cards with fun illustrations of farm animals. These jumbo pieces are excellent for younger children and are difficult to lose. This set is excellent for memory training, cognitive thinking, and concentration skills.

Good Luck Minis and TOOBs

Our Good Luck Minis come in packs of eight, and not only are there farm animal packs, but sea animal packs, dinos, birds, desert animals, bugs, and many more.

The TOOBs come with several mini animals and items, as well. The Down on the Farm TOOB includes a tractor and trailer, bale of hay, farmer figuring, mini farm house, and farm animals. We also carry several other themed TOOBs.

Best Farm Animal Toys for Older Kids and Teens

Older kids can still enjoy farm animals, and may enjoy collecting life-like figurines or interactive models.

4D Vision Pig Anatomy Model

This model pig includes detachable body parts and organs and is anatomically correct. Your child will love taking it apart and piecing it together like a puzzle, while also learning about anatomy. It is a great option for kids interested in science or farming.

How To Find the Best Farm Animal Toys

We carry a huge variety of farm animal toys so you can bring the farmyard home! Browse our farm animal toy collection for more.

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