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Taming Your Kid's Collection with Toy Storage Bins! - Safari Ltd®

Taming Your Kid's Collection with Toy Storage Bins!

We all dream of creating a beautifully organized play space for our kids! Here's 3 easy steps to clean your kid's room–– plus how to organize their toys with chic storage containers! Let's get started!

3 Steps to Tidying your Kid's room

When organizing a space, there are three C’s to remember: clear, categorize, and contain.

  • First, we need to purge or clear the space of unwanted and unused items.
  • Next, we need to categorize our items, or as we say in our family…put like with like.
  • Finally, we need to contain the items that we keep. 

Storage Bins That Double as Decor

From giant stuffed unicorns to tiny bits and parts, toys often pose a unique organizing challenge. 3 Sprouts provide a delightful answer to our toy taming issues. All of the 3 Sprouts storage bins can be used together in any combination to form a cohesive décor! Their design scheme consists of a lovely relaxing color pallet coupled with adorable animal motifs.

The storage bins by 3 Sprouts are especially functional because they can be used as stand-alone storage solutions, or they can be mixed in with other storage containers in a shelving unit or closet. 

Storage For Your Kiddo's Big Toys

The large 3 Sprouts toy chests ( Elephant Toy Chest, Crocodile Toy Chest, Whale Toy Chest, Bear Toy Chest, or the Dinosaur Toy Chest ) are excellent for oversized items.

After separating the toys into categories, you and/or your child can place oversized toys (stuffed animals, balls, large vehicles, building blocks, dolls, dress up clothing, etc.) into a designated toy chest. If there isn’t too many of each type of oversized toy, you can use just one chest for all of the oversized toys.

These large toy chests aren’t simply for oversized toys. You can also put collections of items together in a large chest; simply place smaller items from a toy collection into compact containers within the larger chest.

For example, If I wanted to store my child’s dolls and accessories together, I would place doll clothes, bottles, etc. in small separate containers and then place those smaller containers within the larger toy chest. The dolls and other bigger items would remain loose in the chest. Another example, would be to sort connecting blocks by color into their own separate containers to be placed within the toy chest.

Storing Smaller Toys and Items

In addition to the large toy chest, 3 Sprouts offers other storage bins of various sizes. At 13” by 13,” the Owl Storage Box,  Gorilla Storage Box, Snake Storage Box,  Dragon Storage Box, or Hedgehog Storage Box are the perfect size for smaller items and collections.

My family has stored our Wonderful Wildlife , Incredible Creatures, and Wild Safari figures in this bin size. You could also use these bins to store your TOOBS®, blocks, magnetic tiles, action figures, etc.

All-Purpose Storage and Nursery Decor

3 Sprouts storage bins aren’t simply for toys. We have also used them for clothes, shoes, blankets, toiletries, books, and games. From blankets to zebras, 3 Sprouts has your organizing needs covered. Mix and match these beautiful bins to help create a serene and functional space for your child.

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