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Take the Magic of the Movies Home with Safari Ltd®! - Safari Ltd®

Take the Magic of the Movies Home with Safari Ltd®!

Heading out to the movies can be an enjoyable experience for the entire family, but the fun doesn’t have to stop when the credits roll. You can keep the excitement of the movies going while also teaching your children about the natural world. How? With Safari Ltd®’s Toys That Teach® children can learn about the real-life versions of the creatures and animals they’ve seen on the big screen.

Paddington 2, the sequel to 2014’s Paddington, features the beloved British hat-wearing bear going on yet another adventure. Based on the children’s book series by Michael Bond, this film has opened to great reviews, and looks to be full of family-friendly fun.

If seeing the film gets your children interested in bears, Safari Ltd® has you covered with over a dozen different bear figures. Our Wild Safari® collection includes black bear, grizzly bear, and polar bear figures, including cubs and adults. There’s also the Kermode bear, a rare subspecies of black bear that features cream-colored fur, and the moon bear, an Asian species named for the unique crescent-shaped mark on its chest.

Grizzly Bear Black Bear Polar Bear


Additionally, if your kids are into larger toys, there are two bear figures in the Wildlife Wonders™ collection: a polar bear and a black bear. These scientifically accurate, highly detailed figures are an excellent way for children to learn as they play.

And don’t forget pandas! While long thought to be more closely related to raccoons, pandas are now understood to be the most primitive members of the bear family (Ursidae). There’s plenty of panda fun to be had with Wild Safari® panda and cub figures, as well as the large size Incredible Creatures® panda baby and Wildlife Wonders™ adult panda figures. There’s even an entire TOOB® with nine unique panda mini-figures!


Panda Baby Panda Bear Moon Bear



Paddington 2 isn’t the only movie this year featuring clothes wearing animals who originated in the pages of beloved children’s books. Peter Rabbit opens in February, based on the tales of the titular bunny by Beatrix Potter. In the film, as in the books, Peter is often at odds with Farmer McGregor.

If your children come away from the film with a fresh rabbit obsession, Safari Ltd® has several items that can bring hours of educational enjoyment. First, the Safari Farm collection includes a cute brown and white rabbit figure, who looks a whole lot like Peter himself (minus the stylish jacket, of course). Two rabbit relatives – the American desert hare and the Arctic hare – are also available in the Wild Safari® collection.

Eastern Cottontail Rabbit Baby White Bunny Rabbit


For a larger option, our Incredible Creatures® offer scaled, accurate, and highly detailed figures including the white bunny and Eastern cottontail rabbit baby, perfect for any budding bunny fan. There’s also the life-sized 1:1 scale hedgehog, another animal featured in the film.


Arctic Hare American Desert Hare Hedgehog


At Safari Ltd®, our animal figures may not be wearing stylish hats or jackets, but we do ensure that our hand-painted, detailed figurines are accurate to the real thing, so that children can continue to experience the joy of the animal world – while learning at the same time – well beyond the movies.

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