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Spreading a Bit of Kindness in the New Year | Safari Ltd®

Spreading a Bit of Kindness in the New Year

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”  -Aesop

“How beautiful a day can be when kindness touches it!” -George Elliston

 Let us jump into the new year by making an intentional effort to spread kindness to those around us. The past couple of years have been heavy for many, and we could all, no doubt, use a little dose of thoughtfulness to get us going in a positive direction for the new year. We’ve come up with some easy ways to spread a bit of kindness to others.


Thoughtful Thank You Notes















Showing gratefulness and acknowledging a gift received are wonderful ways to spread some kindness. Level up your thank you with a handwritten card paired with a little gifted token (like a TOOB or Good Luck Mini figurine). Make the token even more special by tailoring it to the recipient’s special interest; the extra thoughtfulness will mean a great deal. 


Toy Surprise

 What kiddo wouldn’t be delighted by finding an unexpected toy gift? My kids and I like to leave little toys for kids to find at parks, outdoor restaurant seating areas, shopping malls, bus stops, etc. We attach a tag to the toys that say something like, “Have a great day! Here’s a little surprise gift for you to enjoy.”


Donations to a Good Cause

Making a donation to a good cause is a wonderful way to spread kindness. We like to make donations, on behalf of others, to a cause that is close to their heart. We let the recipient know of the donation by making a certificate and pairing it with a figurineTOOBGood Luck Mini Fun Pack, or plush that matches the cause. For example, if someone is passionate about the ocean, we would donate to an ocean conservation effort and pair the certificate with an ocean toy or related item.

Donate a Book and a Companion Figurine or Plush

 Spread kindness and comfort while also encouraging literacy by leaving the gift of a book. There are many places to donate books: free Little Libraries (can be found around most towns), children’s hospitals, schools, homeless shelters, foster care support services, etc. We like to pair books with a corresponding figurineTOOBGood Luck Mini Fun Pack, or plush.

Treats for First Responders

Show kindness to first responders (firefighters, police, medical staff, etc.) by hand delivering treats to them. We like to surprise our local heroes with dinners or baked goods. The firefighters and police officers in our area especially enjoy cupcakes and cookies. Your kiddos will be thrilled to make and deliver the treats. Themed baking sets will add to the fun of making treats!

Additional Ideas

  • Write positive notes in chalk on the sidewalk.
  • Leave snacks or beverages on the porch for delivery drivers.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Volunteer
  • Offer to mow the grass or take the trash down/up for an elderly neighbor.
  • Offer to take food to a new mother or neighbor recovering from an illness.

We would love to hear about some of the ways that your family spreads kindness to others? Please share your ideas with us on social media @safariltd.

“Do your little bits of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.”

-Desmond Tutu


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