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Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 3 - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 3

It’s time again for another wave of Safari Ltd®2018 Collection reveals! What’s in store for this third wave? Let’s take a closer look.


Prehistoric World and Wild Safari

Let’s jump right into it: DINOSAURS! We know our SafariFans have been eagerly awaiting our dinosaur reveals, and in this wave we’ve got two: Amargasaurus and Anzu wyliei.

The Amargasaurus is a unique sauropod dinosaur with a double row of large spines protruding from the back of its neck. This dinosaur lived in the early Cretaceous Period in what is now Argentina, around 125 million years ago. Our Amargasaurus figure is massive at over 16 inches long, sure to steal the show in any dino display.

The Anzu is smaller, but no less impressive. This recently described bird-like dinosaur was named after a feathered demon from ancient Mesopotamia. This figure is not only packed with feathery detail, but hand-painted with a vibrant color scheme showing off its shimmering plumage.

For our Wild Safari line, we've remastered our Komodo Dragon figure with updated paint deco with more accurate details than ever before.

Anzu wyliei Amargasaurus Komodo Dragon



Mythical Realms and Dragons

Fans of the fantastical should be pleased, as two new fantasy figures join the fray: the Thorn Dragon and the Satyr.

Between his spiky crown, his needle-sharp teeth, his spiny wings, and his pointy scales, the Thorn Dragon is one prickly predator. The Satyr, meanwhile, features the characteristic goat legs and horns, along with a mischievous smirk and the iconic flute of the Greek god of the forest, Pan.

Thorn Dragon Satyr



Safari Farm and Best in Show

On the domestic side of things, the Black Sheep joins our recently released Sheep and Lamb figures. The dominant gene in most sheep effectively “turns off” color production, which is why most sheep are white. However, when two sheep with the right combination of recessive black genes produce offspring, there’s about a 1 in 4 chance it’l l be a rare black sheep.

The Ongole Cow also arrives in the Safari Farm collection. Derived from the Zebu, a subspecies of cow with roots in Asia, the Ongole features a prominent hump, droopy ears, and a pronounced neck dewlap. These cows are known for their hardiness and rapid growth rate.

Moving from the farm to the house, the Gray Tabby Cat is our latest Best in Show figure. Tabby cats have distinctive markings in any of four different pattern types. This figure represents the “mackerel” pattern, which includes vertical striping down the sides of the cat’s fur.

Black Sheep Gray Tabby Cat Ongole Cow



Incredible Creatures and Wildlife Wonders

Both of our scaled lines get new additions this time around. Our Wildlife Wonders Jaguar is a 1:6 scale masterpiece, with a stunning paint job reflecting the big cat’s trademark “rosette” patterning. The jaguar can be told apart from its cousin the leopard in a few ways: jaguars live in Central and South America while leopards live in Africa and Asia; jaguars are stockier and more muscular than leopards; and while they both have rosette patterns, those of the jaguar feature spots in the middle of the pattern, unlike the leopard.

On the smaller end, our Incredible Creatures collection gets some love with our 1:2 scale Cardinal and our life-sized Frogfish. Known for its striking song and vivid colors, the cardinal is an iconic bird of North America. The lumpy frogfish is less elegant, but still just as interesting. Its lumpy skin lacks scales and helps the fish to camouflage in its habitat by mimicking rocks or coral. This not only keeps it safe from predators but also helps it hunt for prey.

Wildlife Wonders Jaguar Incredible Creatures Frogfish Incredible Creatures Cardinal



Good Luck Minis®

Finally, going from our larger scaled figures to our smallest toys of all, we have our newest Good Luck Minis®. This go around we’ve got new Hammerhead Sharks Minis, as well as the iconic symbol of luck, the Waving Cats.

The hammerhead is an iconic creature that we’re happy to finally introduce as a Good Luck Minis®! These sharks, with their uniquely shaped heads (called cephalofoils) will make great giveaways or decorations for any shark or ocean themed event.

The so-called “Waving Cat”, or maneki-neko as its’s known in Japan, is a popular site at many Asian restaurants, stores and businesses. Despite being Japanese in origin, these iconic symbols of good luck have become popular in many Chinese communities as well, giving the impression that these figures are Chinese in origin rather than Japanese. They can also be found in many Asian style restaurants in America, including Thai and Korean themed eateries. Though the cat is known popular as “Waving Cat”, this is actually a Japanese gesture for beckoning.

Speaking of good luck, our very last offering in this wave is our first 2018 Good Luck Mini® Fun Pack. The Lucky Fun Pack includes a number of popular good luck totems from around the world, including a Buddha figurine, a ladybug, a four-leaf clover, a rabbit, a frog, an elephant, our Good Luck Dragon, and the aforementioned Waving Cat.

Waving Cats Good Luck Minis Hammerhead Sharks Good Luck Minis Lucky Fun Pack


All of these brand new offerings are available right now at!


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