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Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 2 - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd's New 2018 Collection - Part 2

Our second wave of 2018 figures are available now!  New additions for our Dragons, Mythical Realms®, Safari Farm, Winner’s Circle Horses, Best in Show, North American Wildlife, Prehistoric World, Wildlife, Sea Life, Good Luck Minis®, and TOOBS® are all up on for you to order right now! Let’s take a closer look at what’s new.


Wild Safari

Our Prehistoric World collection thunders on with the new Daeodon figure. The largest member of the pig-like prehistoric entelodonts, Daeodon had a skull that measured three feet long. Its sharp canines are where it gets its name: “Daeodon” means “dreadful teeth”.


This wave sees two new entries in the North American Wildlife collection. First up is the Muskox. Despite its name, the muskox is not an ox, but is in fact a member of the goat family. These shaggy horned creatures roam the Arctic regions of Canada, Greenland and the United States. Their name comes from the musky odor they give off.


The second North American entry is the Porcupine. Thought this spiny mammal’s name means “spiny pig”, it’s actually a member of the rodent group. There are two families of rodents called porcupines, and though both are known for having fur that has evolved into spiny quills for defense, they are not closely related to each other. The North American porcupine belongs to the “New World” porcupines of the Americas.

Our Sea Life collection gets a new figure of one of the world’s smallest cetaceans (the group that includes whales, dolphins and porpoises). Unfortunately, the Vaquita Porpoise also the world’s rarest cetacean, and it’s believed that only 30 of these animals may be left in the wild. This porpoise was selected by Safari Ltd® to include in its Sea Life collection to raise awareness of the urgent action needed to save this species.

Branching out to the rest of the world, our Wild Safari Wildlife line sees the introduction of a brand new Kangaroo with Joey figure, providing an amazingly detailed version of this iconic Australian animal. A new Pygmy Hippo also joins the Wild Safari ranks as well. Like the vaquita, this rare and reclusive mammal is unfortunately endangered.


Fantasy: Mythical Monsters and Adorable Dragons

The Mythical Realms® collection gets a new menacing monster with the Leviathan, a gargantuan beast of the ocean depths, who makes a perfect counterpart for the land dwelling Behemoth. Our interpretation of this legendary creature includes features found in many sea animals, including fish-like scales and fins and squid-like tentacles and beak.

Meanwhile, our Dragons collection gets a far less fearsome addition: the Puff Dragon. This rotund reptile fills itself up with air, much like the pufferfish. This whimsical dragon wishes it was as intimidating as some of the more typical dragons, but it’s really just full of hot air!


Best in Show, Winner’s Circle & Safari Farm

On the domestic side of things, a Poodle prances into our Best in Show collection. Featuring the crimped, curly hairstyle that the breed is known for, this pup is perfect for any dog lover.


The regal Morgan Stallion and the stunning Friesian Mare join our Winner’s Circle Horses. The Morgan features all the hand-painted, elegant details that Safari Ltd® is known for, while the Friesian is a sculptural wonder, with its flowing mane and tail and dynamic pose.


Down on the Safari Farm, a Sheep joins our new lamb figure, and together with our ram figure, you can create a whole farm family!


Mini Toys, Mega Fun

Last but certainly not least, our miniature lines get some love with a new Super TOOB® and a handful of Good Luck Minis®! 

The Friendly Fairies Super TOOB® includes 10 all new fairy mini-figures, plus a friendly snail and some colorful toadstools. Each fairy features a unique pose, sculpt and paint scheme to liven up any fairy garden or fantasy display!


 Meanwhile, our Good Luck Minis® get a boost with new Spiders, great for any spooky Halloween display, as well as miniature blue and orange Gnomes and some tiny Tortoises.

All of these brand new toys are available now at, so go grab your s today!

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