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Safari Ltd & STEM Toys – It’s Just Good Science - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd & STEM Toys – It’s Just Good Science

What is STEM?

“STEM” stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics”. It refers to these specific areas of academia and education, and is often used to stress their importance when discussing school curriculums and educations policy.

Recently, renewed attention has brought STEM back into focus, stressing the importance of children learning about these academic areas and being introduced to them early. Special attention has also been given to ensuring that these fields are introduced to those who have traditionally been less likely to participate in these fields, including women and people of color.

Safari Ltd educational toys offer a perfect supplement to any STEM learning activity, especially with relation to the natural sciences such as Biology.


Science & Safari Ltd STEM Toys

Almost all Safari Ltd educational toys are easily incorporated into science lessons. For lessons on Biology, our wildlife animal figures offer detailed and scientifically accurate representations of living animals that can let kids feel and explore animals in a three-dimensional, hands-on environment. In addition to our Wild Safari Wildlife figures, our larger scaled Wild Wildlife and Incredible Creatures toys allow kids to get up close and personal with animals they may not have the opportunity to see in real life.

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Giant Pacific Octopus

Incredible Creatures Giant Pacific Octopus


Safari Ltd’s dinosaur and prehistoric animal toys are also great tools for educating children with a budding interest in Paleontology. Safari’s Prehistoric World figures offer accurate and realistic toys of dinosaurs and other ancient animals, allowing children to get a unique peek into the world of long ago.

Safari Ltd Triceratops Figure

Safari Ltd Prehistoric World Triceratops Figure


TOOBS can also enhance this learning experience. These themed sets of mini-figures feature reusable packaging for easy portability and convenient storage. Animal themed TOOBS focus on everything from insects to sharks, from deep sea creatures to reptiles and much more. There are many dinosaur themed offerings, and with the Dinosaur Skulls and Ancient Fossils TOOBS, you can even set up your own mini dig site! In addition to animal and prehistoric themed TOOBS, there are other science based offerings including the Space TOOB and Human Organs TOOB.


Safari Ltd Space TOOB

Safari Ltd Space TOOB


Safari Ltd’s Safariology collection is also uniquely suited to helping foster an interest in the sciences, especially with its Life Cycle sets, which provide a look into the different biological systems of various animals, and the Solar System set, which includes detailed miniature models of the planets and celestial bodies in our solar system.

 Safari Ltd Solar System Set

Safari Ltd Solar System Set


Technology and Safari Ltd STEM Toys

Safari Ltd has always emphasized traditional, hands-on play over screen-based learning, but that doesn’t mean our toys can’t appeal to children with an interest in technology. TOOBS like the aforementioned Space TOOB, along with the Trains TOOB, On the Road TOOB, and In the Sky TOOB can introduce children to technologically advanced vehicles at a young age, and spark interest in how these complex machines work.


Safari Ltd On The Road TOOB Figurines

Safari Ltd On The Road TOOB


Additionally, Safari Ltd’s partnership with the hit Amazon Prime Video series Dino Dana brings an element of Augmented Reality into Safari Ltd toys, letting children play with their traditional dinosaur toys while also “bringing them to life” by scanning a QR code on the figure and loading the Dino Dana app. This marriage of traditional toy and modern AR technology is sure to spark any child’s interest in how these things work.

 Safari Ltd Dino Dana T-Rex Toy

Safari Ltd Dino Dana T-Rex Toy


Engineering and Safari Ltd STEM Toys

When it comes to engineering, what better way is there to spark a child’s interest in this field than letting them build? Find an assortment of building toys HERE.



Other Safari Ltd items in the Safariology collection help children explore how things work. Take the Energy Ball, which allows children to take part in an electrical experiment by completing a circuit that results in flashing lights and sounds.

Safari Ltd Energy Ball

Safari Ltd Energy Ball


Mathematics and Safari Ltd STEM Toys

Math is an important subject for children to learn, and it’s often one that many children are less than excited to explore in depth. Introducing them to concepts like counting, addition and subtraction early on can help them be less hesitant to become involved in mathematics later on.

Safari Ltd Good Luck Mini figures are great tools for these early math activities. These mini-figures are each about 1 inch in length, and are the perfect size for arranging, sorting, counting, and adding/subtracting. Using real life, physical aids can help children grasp these concepts, and with tiny, detailed Good Luck Minis, it’s also fun! There are over a hundred styles of Good Luck Minis figures, representing animals, dinosaurs, dragons, and much more!


Safari Ltd Good Luck Mini Figurines

Safari Ltd Good Luck Mini Figures


These are just a few of the ways that Safari Ltd’s educational toys can be used to supplement STEM related lessons and activities. It’s never too early to introduce kids to fun activities that will help them in their understanding of STEM, and Safari Ltd toys can help!

Check out many more STEM toys HERE. 

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