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Safari Ltd Releases New Toys this Summer! - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd Releases New Toys this Summer!

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Safari Ltd Releases Three New Toys to make this Summer more Exciting! 


Introducing… drum roll, please…. Mothman, Yeti and our new Crytptozoology TOOB!

Our unconventional midsummer release is a nod to the rising culture of cryptozoology, the study of mysterious animals whose existence has not yet been proven by science! Every now and then, a cryptid animal is discovered, but more often than not, these creatures mysteriously lurk among the natural world and our imaginations.

Inspiring Imagination and Mystery

Our widespread curiosity in the existence of animals like, Bigfoot, Mothman and Yeti, have fueled a number of TV shows and inspired the hearts of many children and adults alike who remain diehard fans hopeful that someday they will catch a glimpse of their favorite cryptid!

Mythical Realms is one of Safari Ltd.’s most popular collections among fantasy-loving SafariFans and Comi-Con circles. Their vocal requests for creating a line of cryptid creatures in the figurine world were heard loud and clear! With the addition of these new figurines, we hope to add more dimension to our growing line and keep inspiring the imagination of those of us who like a little mystery in our lives.

Speaking of imagination, we put together a little video for you.

Yeti vs. Bigfoot



Who Would Win? View Results Below:

The votes are in and it looks like the Yeti is the winner! Don't agree with the results? Voice your option here.

By the way, did we mention that the re-release of our popular Cryptozoology TOOB has been artistically refreshed and updated with new critters? You're going to love it!

San Diego Comic-Con Debut

While new products and re-releases are pretty exciting as it is, we have even greater news! During the 2019 San Diego Comic-Con, Safari Ltd revealed 2 of these new cryptozoology toys! Plus, our well-known figure from 2019, Bigfoot, came back to share the stage with our new Mothman and Yeti from our 2020 collection!

Wait, there's more! During this epic event the Yeti, Mothman and the notorious Bigfoot were paired with exclusive limited 5" x 7" print of an original design sketch for the figure, drawn by its sculptor. Check them out below:



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