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Safari Ltd®: Helping Toddlers Learn as They Grow - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd®: Helping Toddlers Learn as They Grow

At Safari Ltd®, we encourage children to start exploring our Toys That Teach® at an early age, as this is one of the most important times to stimulate creative learning during childhood development. Playing with figures during this crucial stage engages all of a child’s senses, which is the best way for them to learn about their world as well as fine tune their budding motor skills. That’s why we have a range of products that can be enjoyed by toddlers as young as 18 months. Many of our other figures are rated for ages three and up, so as your children grow, their Safari Ltd® experience can grow with them as they progress through their formative learning years.

All of our toys are hand painted, meaning that no two figures are exactly alike, reflecting the uniqueness found in nature. Our wildlife and prehistoric figures are extensively researched to ensure that each one is as close to the real deal as possible. Experts in the field are consulted to provide insight into each and every detail in order to maximize the educational value of our museum quality figurines.

Additionally, every one of our figures is also completely non-toxic and free of lead, phthalates and BPAs to provide the safest possible products to facilitate learning. It's no wonder our toys were voted #1 Best Toy in the Toddler category of Baby & Children's Product News 2017 Reader's Favorites Awards!


Incredible Creatures for Incredible Youngsters

Your child’s first introduction to Safari Ltd® is likely to be through our Incredible Creatures® line, as many of these figures are hollow and constructed of a soft PVC plastic which makes them an excellent choice for children aged 18 months or older. These large size animal figures are packed with scientifically accurate, true to life details that offer hours of enjoyment and opportunities for educational play. Since our figurines are scaled models, some of which are life sized, kids can better relate them to the actual real life animals they represent.

Incredible Creatures Hedgehog for 18M+ Incredible Creatures Tortoise for 18M+


This line not only features life-like sculpts and paint applications, but many – like the Eastern cottontail rabbit and tortoise figures – are accurate yet adorable, and sure to spark an interest in the natural world without sacrificing realism for the sake of cuteness. Playing with these figures allows children to get a feel for how these creatures actually look, while also allowing them to explore and create any scenario that their imagination can conjure.

Incredible Creatures Eastern Cottontail for 18M+ Incredible Creatures Baby Panda for 18M+


Exploring Fantasy & Nature with TOOBS®

For the older toddler, a diverse range of Safari Ltd® offerings can help them discover the frontiers of their imagination, including our popular TOOBS®. These mini collections feature between 10 and 12 figures ranging from 1.25 to 3.75 inches in length, all packaged conveniently in a reusable clear container with a locking top, for maximum convenience and easy portability.

TOOB top with handle and locking clasp Knights and Dragons TOOB


TOOBS® offer a huge range of variety, encompassing mythical creatures like dragons, as well as wildlife, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, fruit, flowers, trees, artifacts, musical instruments, vehicles and much more…the possibilities for play are endless. Each set features a unique and specific theme which helps children learn as they create their own miniature environment, and combining different sets allows the imagination to break free and explore new and different avenues for creativity.

Feathered Dinos TOOB Baby Sea Life TOOB


Big Toys for Growing Girls and Boys!

On the other end of the size spectrum, our Wonderful Wildlife line features intricately detailed representations of kid-favorite animals, from Siberian tigers to silverback gorillas. The larger size of these figures allows for more lifelike detail in the sculpt and paint, and it also makes them a great choice for children who like to take their toys with them as they are easier to hold on to and keep track of than smaller figures. This allows children to expand their play beyond a home setting and truly engage with the environment wherever they are, without the fear of losing a treasured toy. Safely interacting with the space around them through play can give them experiences beyond what they may be used to.

Wonderful Wildlife Silverback Gorilla for 3+ Wonderful Wildlife Siberian Tiger for 3+


Grow with Safari Ltd®…and Pass It On!

As your children grow and advance, the world of Safari Ltd® keeps pace with them, opening up new possibilities for interactive learning and imaginative play during these key stages of development. As they reach ages four and beyond, our Safariology line features toys to educate children about animal life cycles, human evolution, our solar system and more.

Safariology Solar System for 4+ Safariology Monarch Butterfly Life Cycle for 4+


Since 1982, Safari Ltd® has been committed to providing play opportunities that are both fun and educational. This means that parents who grew up on these unique toys can share those same experiences with their own children. With products that are accurate, durable, and designed to spark the imagination, our toys will not only help growing minds develop with age appropriate offerings, but also provide them with something that will last for years and can be passed down to the next generation to enjoy!



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