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Safari Ltd Animal Toys – Get to Know Them! - Safari Ltd®

Safari Ltd Animal Toys – Get to Know Them!

Safari Ltd offers a huge variety of wild animal toys – it’s kind of what we’re known for! But with so many animal toys to choose from, it can get a little confusing as far as which toy is right for you. Different collections offer different sizes, scales, etc.

But don’t worry! We’re here to give you the low down on Safari Ltd’s different wild animal toy collections, so you’ll be able to find the perfect one for you (or someone else, if you feel like sharing the joy of Safari Ltd)!


Wild Safari Wildlife Animal Toys – Our Biggest Variety

Safari Ltd’s most well known and popular offering of wildlife animal toys remains the Wild Safari Wildlife collection. With over 75 different animal toy figures in the collection, it’s no wonder this is the one our fans tend to flock to.

Safari Ltd Lion Animal Toy

Lion Toy


Most of the animal toys in this collection are medium sized (think around four to seven inches long), so they’re a great size for putting together a nice display of wild animal toys. The toys of our Wild Safari Wildlife collection represent creatures from all over the globe including tigers of Asia, lions of Africa, and jaguars of South America.

Safari Ltd Jaguar Animal Toy

Jaguar Toy


From well known animals that everyone’s heard of, like rhinoceroses and hippopotamuses, to more obscure creatures like the tusked babirusa or the long-legged serval, there’s something in this collection for every animal fan!

Safari Ltd Babirusa Toy

Babirusa Toy



Wild Safari Sea Life and North American Wildlife Animal Toys

In addition to Safari Ltd’s main Wild Safari Wildlife collection, there are two smaller sub-lines – one that contain animal toys from the world’s many oceans, as well as another highlighting creatures found chiefly on the North American continent.

With dozens of undersea animals to choose from, our Wild Safari Sea Life collection features all the sea animal toys you could ask for – everything from whales and dolphins to sea turtles and sharks. Favorites like the great white shark and blue whale can be found here, as can the endangered vaquita porpoise, and the odd-looking megamouth shark.

Safari Ltd Great White Shark Toy

Great White Shark Toy

Safari Ltd Vaquita Porpoise Toy

Vaquita Porpoise Toy


Our Wild Safari North American Wildlife collection, meanwhile, focuses on animals from the United States and its neighbors to the north and south. From the bison of the plains to the muskox of the snowy north, to the beavers and otters of the rivers and forests, this collection of animal toys is a virtual tour through the rich fauna of North America.


Safari Ltd North American Wildlife Bison Toy
Bison Toy
Safari Ltd North American Wildlife Beaver Toy
Beaver Toy

Wings of the World Birds Animal Toys – Figures of our Feathered Friends

If you’re in the mood for feathery flying creatures, you’ll want to explore Safari Ltd’s line of bird toys – Wings of the World. This collection, as its name implies, includes birds from all over the globe. From the black raven to the colorful lorikeet, and the regal bald eagle to the flamboyant peacock…they’re all here in exquisitely painted and accurately sculpted detail!

Safari Ltd Wings of the World Peacock Toy

Peacock Toy


The figures in this collection are roughly of a size with our Wild Safari collection, though many of the figures are smaller, ranging from around three inches in length to those with a wingspan of around six inches.

Safari Ltd Wings of the World Bald Eagle Toy

Bald Eagle Toy


Monterey Bay Collection – Large Size Scaled Sea Animal Toys

Now that we’ve covered most of Safari Ltd’s smaller and more medium sized figure collections devoted to wild animal toys, let’s take a look at some of the lines devoted to larger toys, like the Monterey Bay collection. While the collection itself is fairly small – only about a dozen figures – it features some of our largest animal toys available, including a humpback whale toy that’s 14 inches long!

Safari Ltd Monterey Bay Humpback Whale

Monterey Bay Humpback Whale Toy


The Monterey Bay collection was developed in conjunction with the Monterey Bay Aquarium, and features detailed and accurate figures of sea animals including sharks, whales, rays, and even a giant squid! As mentioned, these toys tend to be a bit larger overall than our Wild Safari Sea Life figures, with the smallest being around seven and a half inches, with the largest being over a foot in length.


Wild Wildlife Animal Toys – Large Size Scaled Figures of Large Animals

Another collection that’s small in overall quantity of toys but features some amazingly detailed larger sized animal toys is our Wild Wildlife. This collection focuses mostly – though not entirely – on mammals, and range in size from the Arctic fox at just over five inches in length, to the massive African elephant that’s almost a foot long.

Safari Ltd Wild Wildlife Elephant Toy

African Elephant Toy


Fan favorite animal toys can be found here – tiger, rhino, hippo, zebra, gorilla, alligator, and more, all in a large scaled size that’s perfect for little hands, and allows a ton of intricate sculptural detail. They make great animal toys for collectors, thanks to their focus on accuracy, but are also awesome for kids, since a bigger toy tends to be harder to lose, and these toys are durable, yet mostly hollow and lightweight, to stand up to lots of play.

Safari Ltd Wild Wildlife Alligator Toy

Alligator Toy



Incredible Creatures Animal Toys – Large Size Scaled Figures of Smaller Animals

While Safari Ltd’s Wild Wildlife collection focuses on large animals – elephants, lions, tigers, alligators, etc. – there’s another collection of large size animal toys that focuses mostly on animals that are smaller in reality. This collection is our Incredible Creatures.

Like Wild Wildlife, Incredible Creatures features scaled animal toys, mostly at a larger size than our other collections, which allows them to show more detail. The main difference is that Incredible Creatures tends to focus more on animals like fish, reptiles, invertebrates, and smaller mammals. In some cases, like the Eastern Chipmunk, Horned Lizard, and Clown Anemonefish, the animal toys are life-sized, making them hard to distinguish from the real deal!

Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Clown Anemonefish

Clown Anemonefish Toy


Others, like the Honey Bee, Scorpion, and Black Widow Spider, are significantly larger than the real animal, allowing you to see details you’d normally only get to see under a magnifying glass. These animal toy figures offer a unique, up close and personal look at creatures that may be difficult to observe in their natural environment, which is why they’re great learning tools!

 Safari Ltd Incredible Creatures Scorpion Toy

Scorpion Toy


Safari Ltd’s animal toy offerings are numerous, and the different collections may be a little confusing at first – but don’t feel overwhelmed! Our website offers easy navigation allowing you to shop by collection, and our filters help you narrow down your search even further. We’re here to help guide you to the perfect animal toy!

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