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How Safari Ltd. Celebrates Earth Week - Safari Ltd®

How Safari Ltd. Celebrates Earth Week

At Safari, we’re all about the animals and the environment! In fact, we think of them as nature’s gifts to our planet. 😊

Unfortunately, as humans, we tend to forget how much impact we have on this Earth. Did you know that if we’re not careful, we can truly upset the balance of nature?

This delicate balance between humans and nature means the world is getting one step closer each day to facing the greatest rate of extinction since the dinosaurs. Thankfully, we have what the dinosaurs didn’t, an opportunity to change the course of our planet’s path to destruction. 

Next Steps for Protecting Our Species 

Don’t worry there’s good news! All animals and plants have value and play an important role for Mother Nature. If we work together, the rate of extinctions can be slowed, and many declining, threatened and endangered species can still survive. 

Ready to work together to protect endangered and threatened species such as; bees, elephants, giraffes, whales and more? Great, so are we!

This is where Safari’s Toys that Teach can really begin to make a difference, not just in our children’s lives, but in our world. By providing children with toys that allow them to learn the importance of nature and its conservation through the joy of play, they can begin to take steps to help save the environment. Awareness and education is always the first step! 😉

Earth Week – How to Participate 

Since we are so passionate about conserving the world’s environment, Safari Ltd. is dedicated to educating children about the many animals of the world that are in danger of extinction, especially during Earth Week! That’s right, we said week, because we believe one day isn’t enough. We’re stretching out Earth’s celebration and preservation to one entire week, and who knows, maybe even a year! Follow us on our Instagram for daily Earth facts and simple actionable tips you can take today to help our planet!

Want more in-depth resources to find our how you can help? Visit to learn more.

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