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Break Your Child’s Language Barrier with Play Therapy Toys this Christmas - Safari Ltd®

Break Your Child’s Language Barrier with Play Therapy Toys this Christmas


We like to joke that our children speak a different language, and those jokes often come in the teenage years. All jokes aside, however, children ages three to eleven generally DO speak a different language, and that language is play. As the imagination develops, so too do their cognitive and communication skills. Until then, however, you may need to communicate with them through play therapy. This Christmas, an investment in play therapy toys for your home would be a great idea, but before we go any further, what exactly is play therapy?


A Quick Word on Play Therapy

Play therapy is highly beneficial for a few different reasons. For one thing, as we mentioned above, children tend to communicate in an entirely different way than we are used to. They may not be able to express their thoughts and feelings adequately, which can make things frustrating for adults, to put it mildly. Play therapy allows them to do something completely different, and if you can learn to interpret it, then you might be well on your way to a breakthrough. While there are many goals and milestones that will come to the surface during the facilitation of play therapy, ultimately the end result should look something like this:

  • Healing from a traumatic experience
  • Encouraging new ideas
  • Pushing creativity
  • Expression of feelings
  • Communicating problems or concerns
  • Developing new ways of thinking


Play therapy is normally something that is facilitated by a licensed therapist in a medical setting due to the sensitive nature of the activity, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use these toys at home for similar purposes. Play therapy dinosaur toys are always an outstanding option and our store has plenty of them for you to pick up this holiday season. You might be planning to keep them for special use, or maybe you want to use them as a stocking stuffer. No matter what your purpose happens to be, we have the toys you need to stock up for the holiday.


Check Out Our Collection of Play Therapy Toys

We have a wide selection of great toys that you’ll want to check out as the holiday season comes into full swing.If you’re looking for something special, our TOOBS selection is better than ever and we have a lot of different varieties to choose from.


Dinos TOOB in Action Dinos TOOB


We’ve gone over the benefits of dinosaur toy play many times in the past, and we stand by it. It’s a great way to give your kids a feel for the natural wonders of the prehistoric world while allowing them to stretch their creative muscles.


People at Work Designer TOOB Family Designer TOOB


When people think of play therapy toys, this is where their mind usually goes, and with good reason. A family builder contains a mother, father, sister, brother, child, etc. These toys allow a child to enact scenarios with their family, which can give you an idea of what is going on inside their mind and most importantly, what their thought process is.

As children grow up, they need to know more about how the world works and the People at Work TOOB can give them a better idea. This TOOB contains a firefighter, police officer, a doctor, and more. It gives any child a perfect opportunity to simulate real life using high-quality toys.


Friendly Fairies Super TOOB Friendly Fairies in Action


Sometimes children don't want to portray things so literally, and in those cases it can be good to use something with a bit more of a fantastical element. Our Friendly Fairies Super TOOB utilizes a diverse cast of boy and girl fairies that can help children work through issues by helping them play it out in a less literal way.

Get Set for the Holidays

Our TOOBS and other sets always make for amazing stocking stuffers and some of the deals that we have going on around the holidays make it well worth it. Check out our store and make sure you’re ready for Christmas!





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