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Community Helpers - FREE Printable 3 Part Cards - Safari Ltd®

Community Helpers - FREE Printable 3 Part Cards

Community helpers are important members of society that do vital work to make communities better.

Many educators and parents strive to help kids learn about the important roles that community helpers fill. Our People at Work Designer TOOB® features several community helper toy figurines to provide hands-on learning. Match them to these FREE 3-part cardsnomenclature cards, for easy and fun lesson ideas.

Click HERE  to download your FREE People At Work 3-part card printables.

Ways to use 3 part cards

Teach vocabulary

  1. Place the image of one of the People At Work on a flat surface (table, mat, tray, etc)
  2. Tell the child what the image represents - "This is a police officer."
  3. Ask the child to repeat the name for the image.
  4. Then repeat these steps with each image: fireman, veterinarian, police car, etc.
  5. Once the name of each of the People At Work and job objects (vehicles, tools, etc) are taught, mix the cards up to see if your child can remember the names of the images.
  6. Ask them to show you specific people or objects - "Show me the police car."
  7. When the child can easily find named images, move on to holding up an image and asking the child to provide the name. You can also revisit the beginning steps until your child masters the vocabulary.
  8. Once images are named easily, you can move on to matching words to images. There are control cards to help your child check their work. You can determine if this step is appropriate for your child's age and abilities.
  9. If your child is older and writing, they can practice writing the words and doing illustrations to match. It's fun to do this step in mini blank books (folded paper stapled together is an easy way to make a booklet).



This set of 3 part cards is wonderful for sorting.

  • Which cards go together? What tools and objects match each community helper? 
  • Sort images by type: which are people/vehicles/tools?




Matching tangible objects, like our People At Work TOOB figures, to the cards or words is a fantastic learning experience for even the youngest learners.

Up the fun by adding more TOOB figurines to match and sort for community helpers.


 Books and Play

Kick off learning about community helpers by reading books about these important members of society!

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