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Meet Gnorman the Gnome - Safari Ltd®

Meet Gnorman the Gnome

“I’m just a simple gnome,” says Gnorman. Safari Ltd®’s official traveling gnome is sitting on a lounge chair in Miami, Florida, his right arm raised in his usual enthusiastic stance as he takes a seat in his patio.

The self-proclaimed minimalist gnome touts that he owns only two t-shirts, a fact he’s proud of since it keeps his packing light. He’s just come back from Germany, and he’s basking in the signature warm weather of the Sunshine State and donning his green tee.

“Jet lag is for amateurs,” he says while casually looking up at the sky. “I’ve been up since 8 AM answering Instagram comments and I feel great.”

Gnorman the Gnome has been chronicling his travel escapades since 2015 under the Instagram handle @roamingnorman. Wanderlust-stricken, he left his fellow gnome tribe in the forest to explore a world past his small town.

“Food is how I choose my next destination,” he says, standing stock-still. “I’ve had some of the best cuisine from around the world.”

He begins to recount tales of exquisite noodles in China, delectable steak in Spain, and of course, Bavarian sausage from Deutschland. If there is a Michelin star restaurant, he’s been to it, yet he prides himself in finding lesser known eateries and making them famous. He recounts once discovering an Irish restaurant and “putting it on the map,” only to be confused with a different type of mischievous woodland creature, the leprechaun.

“If I had a gold coin every time someone confused me with a leprechaun, I’d have a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow,” he says with a wry smile. “See what I did there?”

Pithy wit aside, Gnorman will concede to having one thing in common with his folklore brethren: good luck. Perhaps it’s this inherent trait that gives the tiny master of travel so much confidence. He’s been to over 30 countries and still has an ambitious rest of the year ahead.

“I don’t know where I’ll go next. May go back and visit France,” he says. “I have a few friends there.”

Further proof that good things come in small packages, Gnorman’s made a great deal of friends during his travels abroad. Meeting new people and experiencing foreign cultures is what drives the curious gnome. There does, however, seem to be a slight glimmer of weariness as he recounts his upcoming trips. Could it be that Roaming Gnorman is thinking of throwing in the towel and setting down roots somewhere permanently? He notes that choosing one place to stay has always been a problem for him.

“I love traveling and it’ll always be a part of me,” he says, looking around a yard full of palm trees and tropical flowers swaying in the spring wind. “But who knows? I do love Florida in May.”

Follow @roamingnorman to see this tiny gnome’s life size adventures. Clever captions included.

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