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How To Teach Your Kids with Block Play

The Learning Alphabet Set by BioBuddi added a refreshing and new way to extend block play. The set comes with stickers to place on white set of blocks, an activity coloring book, and some colored blocks. We were excited that this block set not only came with fun blocks, but an extended activity right from the start! My girls loved being able to use their fine motor skills by carefully placing the stickers onto the blocks. They were excited to see the different animals and people stickers that they could add onto the blocks! We have never seen blocks quite like these!


A new way to block play

As soon as we saw the activity book, we thought of some creative ways we could extend play even further. After my girls colored the activity cards to match their blocks, they then cut out both the large and small squares!

Pro tip: make sure you copy the one page of the activity book that is back-to-back cards before cutting them out so that you can have a complete set!

We then laminated each of the cards so that they could last through play even longer! I was excited to watch how hard my 3 and 4 year old worked to carefully color and cut out each one of the cards. My four year old exclaimed, “This is a lot of work!” I love watching my girls go through the process of play that challenges them, and helps them feel a sense of accomplishment and hard work! Once they were finished they both immediately jumped into play!


Matching Games with Building Blocks

My four year old loved the idea of playing a matching game with the large and small cards that we created with our activity book. Once they found a match with the cards, they received the block that went along with the cards as a reward to add to their collection! My three year old simply loved looking through all of the cards and finding the small cards to place on top of the associated blocks.

DIY Cards Incorporating Math into Block Play

We extended play further by placing the DIY cards we made from our activity book into a bag. We randomly selected cards out of the bag and placed them into an order sequence. After selecting 5 or so cards, the girls then found the blocks that went along with that particular order sequence. This allowed us to incorporate math into our play through patterns, sequence and progressional order!


Simple, Easy and Educational Toy Blocks!

This simple DIY allowed for multiple extended activities. We are still discovering more ways to play! This little set turned into something even bigger, something that could keep all of my girls occupied in the same space whether we were playing together or separately! It was definitely a new way to block play, and we loved it!

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