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How Parents are Using BiOBUDDi to Teach their Kids Through Play! - Safari Ltd®

How Parents are Using BiOBUDDi to Teach their Kids Through Play!

This year, we announced an exciting new partnership line of 100% eco-friendly building blocks, BiOBUDDi! Since the eco-toys hit our website, parents and teachers have been finding so many creative ways to use BiOBUDDi for teaching and playing. Here are some of the inspiring methods and activities these mamas are creating with our eco-friendly building blocks while saving our environment at the same time.

Teach Toddlers ABC Letters & Alphabet Activities


Christina over at The Purple Alphabet on YouTube shows us several activities to introduce and teach abc's to your toddler and how to expand the ideas into preschool! Check it out here.

Color Matching, Counting & Learning about Fruit!

Find the Little Mind, an amazing DIY blog run by a Mom of two and Physical Education teacher, found multiple ways to use her BiOBUDDi Fruit Learning Set. Aside from the obvious but awesome activity of building with them, she found the blocks are great for color matching, fruit matching and even counting. Her kiddo loved stacking up the fruits, matching the big and small pictures, and even making shopping lists! Read more here.

Learning Words & Animals with Blocks!

Emily Limer, a frequent contributor to the blog, who is a mama and science teacher, created a rainbow word machine to get her little one excited to go back to school! She shared this creative sensory bin used to practice letter recognition with simple words. Emily customized her BiOBUDDi block set with stickers to create learning games! Did we mention they pair well with our toys that teach? Emily added alphabet stickers and created word flash cards with our Farm Toob. Her and her little one matched letters and built words (and eventually towers)!

Structured Building Block Play

Rylee Metangi, another frequent contributor to our blog, who is a mama, Child Development Specialist and blogger, instilled confidence in her girls through structured block play! She shares more on how her girls used the instructions and photos to build their BiOBUDDi block elephant here, including some learning on structured block play! 

Learning Math with BiOBUDDi Playtime

Jane and Shelin, blogging mom duo, found BiOBUDDi blocks make learning to count a fun activity for their kiddos! They simply used the stickers to create their block set and let their little one create math equations and counting games!

Open-Ended Play

Blocks are one of the best toys to keep the children engaged. Our eco-friendly BiOBUDDi Building Blocks are your life raft! Open-ended block play allows children to get creative, problem solve and strengthen a host of vital developmental skills. Best of all, this works better without your facilitation... In other words, bust out some earth friendly blocks and put your feet up...

For more methods, activities and inspiration for how to use our Toys That Teach, follow us on Instagram!

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