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How Parents are Using BiOBUDDi to Teach their Kids Through Play! - Safari Ltd®

How to Use Blocks to Teach Kids Through Play!

Parents and teachers find so many creative ways to use blocks for teaching and playing. Here are some of the inspiring methods and activities being used with building blocks.

Color Matching


Aside from the obvious but awesome activity of building with them,  blocks are great for color matching and sorting. 

Structured Building Block Play

Rylee Metangi, another frequent contributor to our blog, who is a mama, Child Development Specialist and blogger, says structured block building instills confidence! Following the directions that come with many block building sets, like Plus-Plus Build to Learn Sets, has numerous benefits.

Learning Math 

From learning about shapes and patterns to counting and fractions, blocks are wonderful math tools!

Open-Ended Play

Blocks are classic open-ended toys that can inspire creativity and imaginations! From castles and buildings to abstract sculptures, blocks are a must have for creative kids!

STEM Learning

Blocks are wonderful tools for learning engineering concepts, inspiring problem solving, building logical thinking, and so much more!
Blocks are one of the best toys to keep the children engaged. Open-ended block play allows children to get creative, problem solve and strengthen a host of vital developmental skills. Best of all, this works better without your facilitation... In other words, bust out some earth friendly blocks and put your feet up...
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