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Thank You For Helping Us Save The Amazon - Safari LtdĀ®

Thank You For Helping Us Save The Amazon

At Safari Ltd, we take the planet's health seriously.

We were deeply saddened by the Amazon wildfires. As a company, and concerned citizens of the world, we decided to take action! For 6 months, we planted a tree for every order placed on our web site! šŸŒ²

Thank You For All Who Helped Us Do Our Part Reforesting The Amazon

Safari Ltd partnered with One Tree Planted, a US-based non-profit organization dedicated to global reforestation, to help The Amazon. As a company our mission is creating Toys That Teach in order to foster the deep and lasting appreciation and conservation of our natural environment for years to come. This is our vocation. We chose One Tree Planted because their work parallels our mission and they are making it simple for anyone to help the environment.Ā 

We know it felt tough to watch the news and see the precious lungs of our world on fire wondering helplessly, what can I do? Put simply, we wanted to make it easy for everyone to help too. AND WE DID IT!Ā 

Together, we really did make a difference!


We thank you kindly for all your participation. As always, our SafariFans are some of the most vocal advocates for our environment. We never take your generosity and the way you show up for us and the world for granted!

For more information on One Tree Planted, their mission and how to get involved, visit their web site.

A Note On Doing Our Part

We want to acknowledge as a company, we are doing our best to minimize our carbon footprint. We believe in 100% trust and transparency with our community about the work we do. In the past, we have explored the implications of producing toys made of plastic vs. wood and which is really better. We're constantly questioning how we can be more socially responsible. And we want to be frank: we're all human and running a completely green business or living a completely green life is hard.

Here are some ways our products are eco-friendly:

  • Our hangtags
    Ā  - Feature no UV coating
    Ā  - Are recyclable
    Ā  - Printed with vegetable-based ink
    Ā  - Water-based varnishing
  • Our poly bag packaging is biodegradable
  • The rest of our packaging is recyclable and reusableĀ 

We are happy to announce we are in the process of making all packaging 100% biodegradable!

At our headquarters, we also take care to be socially responsible:

  • We are almost paperless and minimize our paper usage.
  • We installed timed lights in our entire building so we don't waste electricity!
  • We, of course, recycle and encourage employees to do as well.
Again, we want to be transparent and admit: we are not perfect and still have a long way to go. However, each day we have this on our minds, and little by little we have made strides to greatly minimize our footprint on this wonderful earth we appreciate so much.
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