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Kid's Guide for Halloween Fun! - Safari Ltd®

Kid's Guide for Halloween Fun!


We LOVE Halloween! The decorations, costumes and pretend play are so much fun and we love to include Halloween themed activities whenever possible. The Good Luck Minis are perfect to include into sensory play. Ordering the bats or the spiders in bulk and adding them into your sensory filler provides a fun way for your child to sort and count your Halloween themed minis.

Add some number trays and a few other counting materials such as orange and black pom-poms and your sorting, counting, and pattern activities are ready to go!


You’ve Been Booed! Have a TOOB!

One of our favorite service activities during the month of October is the “You’ve Been Booed!” activity. We love to bake cookies, buy treats, or add some fun seasonal decorations to these special neighborhood goodies. TOOBS would be the perfect little You’ve Been Booed gifts to surprise your neighbors that have children. My website has printables created and available for you for free  to add to your anonymous “You’ve Been Booed” neighborhood gifts. 


Spooky Decorations

Safari toys aren’t just toys, they can also be used to add into your Halloween Decor! There are multiple dragons, mythical creatures, pirates, spiders, three headed dogs, zombies, gargoyle’s, etc. that are perfect for your spooky decorations. Shop their Halloween collection!

You could DIY a fun black wreath with some of these figures on them. Add the good luck mini spiders to your spiderwebs around the house, create a spook-tacular table set up for a Halloween dinner with added figurines, or fill a flower vase with the Halloween Glow in the Dark TOOB and black flowers. We even threw in the US Presidents TOOB into our decorations this year to reenact the idea of Disney’s Haunted Mansion singing statues.


Halloween Sensory Activities

Sensory activities are a great way to engage your child in play while fulfilling some of their sensory needs. Here are a few Halloween themed ideas:

  • Skeleton mold ice trays with Safari TOOB figurines to break out of the ice
  • Safari Ltd Organ TOOB with red gelatin as blood
  • Glow in the Dark Slime and Halloween Glow in the Dark TOOB with black light
  • Dirt and Zombie TOOB
  • Themed sensory around child’s costume: For example Western sensory tray with TOOB for a cowboy costume
  • Dinosaur Skull Bulk Bag and sand



No Tricks, Just Treats

TOOBS and Bulk Bags (48 themed TOOB pieces) are the perfect addition to your “treats” to pass out to the adorable neighborhood trick-or-treaters. Whether adding in these figures as a non-candy option to your treat mix, or solely passing out the figurines in place of treats, these small figures are sure to be a hit! 



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