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Halloween Goody Bags - Safari Ltd®

Halloween Goody Bags

What's better than candy? These DIY spooky (and not so spooky) goody bags will be a sure hit with all of the little ghosts and goblins! Instead of loading kiddos down with all sugar, goody bags are the perfect alternative for a special surprise at a Halloween bash, as a boo basket gift for a special kiddo, or even to pass out for trick-or-treaters.

The excitement is palpable as we get our little ones zipped up into their costumes. They transform into characters seemingly glowing and filled with the energy of the sun! Dreams of chocolate fuel the caretakers as we hike the kids through the neighborhood trick-or-treating their way to pounds of candy. While I do love my chocolate "candy tax", my friends and I sure do appreciate the non-candy items for our kids as an alternative to all of the sugar.

I am thrilled to give you another option as you plan your treats for this season.  

Halloween Goody Bags

General Supplies

Bag Specific Supplies 

Trick or Trot Bag:

Bugs and Hisses Bag:

Witches Brew Bag:

From Dollar Store and Target Dollar Spot:

  • Little container of slime 
  • Faux eyeballs
  • Witch slide on pointer fingers
  • Mini cauldron




  1. Place Safari Ltd. figurines inside of the ziplock bags (as many as you want). 
  2. Print goody bag labels, cut each label out (on solid lines), and fold each label on the dotted line. Place over the top of the closed ziplock bag and staple into place.
  3. Gift to a lucky kiddo! 

We hope that all have a safe and fun Halloween! 



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