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Good Luck Minis DIY Soap Dispenser - Safari Ltd®

Good Luck Minis DIY Soap Dispenser

Do you have trouble getting your kids to wash their hands? Encourage them to start scrubbin' with this fun Good Luck MinisⓇ DIY Soap dispenser!

All you need are some Good Luck MinisⓇ and a soap dispenser with clear liquid soap. Pick your child's favorite theme to add to the fun!. When the soap is all gone, they get to keep the Minis as collectibles!

We all know how much children forget to wash their hands. With our fun Good Luck MinisⓇ, they'll be itching to go wash their hands! Let your kiddos help with this easy peasy DIY! Just open up your favorite liquid soap bottle, add your favorite minis and voila! You've got an awesome way to get kids to wash their hands. Just try to make sure they don't overdo it! 


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