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Give something personal this holiday season - Safari Ltd®

Give something personal this holiday season

If you are looking for a beautiful, simple, personalized and thoughtful gift idea, this is it.

Animal figurines have been experiencing somewhat of a comeback. As classic toys we’ve all grown up with, there’s a special place in all our hearts for them. From age 5 to 99, there are no age limits for imaginative play. Safari Ltd® has a wide variety of animals–– from prehistoric to wildlife to the mystical–– making them an ideal place to shop for your very special loved ones’ unique tastes.

Each figurine is designed from inspiration, crafted with care and then hand painted making this gift a quality souvenir that lasts a lifetime, literally. Quality engineering done right: Safari Ltd® figurines stand the test of time and are often passed down from generation to generation.



Something for everyone

However, it’s the toys’ versatile uses that truly make each an adaptable present for your friends and family. Children around the world play with them, collectors accumulate them, DIY and decor enthusiasts use them for arts & crafts and do-it-yourself projects, teachers transform classroom games and sensory bins with them, and the list goes on.



Getting in touch with the world around you

In a world saturated with technology, apps, hand-held video and computer games, Safari Ltd® figurines offer something priceless: getting in touch with yourself and the living world around you. The imagination these figures evoke come from an extraordinary place inside us. Whether for children or adults–– games, projects or collections–– traditional toys help you access your wildest, dreamiest creativity.


The easiest gift you’ll choose this season

Another thing we look for in our often busy lives–– which are undoubtedly crazier around the holiday time–– are simple, straightforward gift ideas we know will hit a home run. Something that fits in a box and works as a perfect stocking stuffer, this is a token that won’t take you hours and multiple shopping stops to purchase OR break the bank (the most expensive figurine retails at $29.99 people!). It’s a classic way to show your appreciation you can pick and wrap without too much sweat.

There’s never been an easier way to send warm wishes, and that’s why we can’t get enough of these quality figurines! Check out some of Safari Ltd®’s new 2016 items for holiday gifting inspiration!

For more information on products, visit or check out your local toy shop, zoo, museum or aquarium!

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