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Get to Know the New Dino Dana Dinosaur Toys - Safari Ltd®

Get to Know the New Dino Dana Dinosaur Toys

As you may have heard by now, Safari Ltd has partnered with the hit Amazon TV series Dino Dana to bring fans of the show some amazing and screen accurate dinosaur figures that look like they stomped right out of the screen! Dino Dana is an educational show about Dana, a dinosaur-loving girl whose imagination takes her on amazing journeys that lead to incredible encounters with prehistoric beasts. So of course, a partnership with Safari Ltd makes for a perfect pairing! Let’s take a look to see what Dino Dana toys you can add to your collection today.

Dino Dana Feathered T-Rex

Straight from the feature-length Dino Dana movie comes the newly painted Feathered T-Rex figure. Based on our award-winning, best selling Safari Ltd toy, this figure is painted in an all new coloration to accurately depict the dinosaur’s look in the Dino Dana universe.

Dino Dana Feathered T-Rex Toy

Full of amazing sculptural details from its scaly snout to the tip of its feathery tail, this fearsome figure is a fantastic rendition of the Tyrant Lizard. Its brown and yellow feathered coloration and striped patterning on its side match the dino design from the film, while maintaining the detail and accuracy that Safari Ltd is known for!

While no one knows for sure if T-Rex had feathers or not, it is known that some of its cousins, like Yutyrannus, were covered in feathers. Though skin impressions show that Tyrannosaurus had scales on some parts of its body, it can only be guessed whether the parts we’ve never seen sported feathers or scales.


Dino Dana Baby Herbivores

Also joining Safari Ltd’s ranks of Dino Dana dinosaur toys are five newly redesigned dinosaur baby figures, each with their own egg container they can “hatch” from! The design and coloration of these dinosaurs matches their look from the Dino Dana series, and they’re also absolutely adorable.

With warm oranges, reds and yellows in its coloration, the baby Triceratops figure really pops. With its big eyes, short frill and stubby horns, it’s far less fearsome than its fully grown family members. Once it hatches, it’s ready to join Dana on her dinosaur adventures.

Dino Dana Baby Triceratops Toy

Another armored plant eating dinosaur joining the Dino Dana line-up is the Stegosaurus baby. Though it will eventually grow to have two rows of giant back plates and sharp spikes at the end of its tail, this adorable baby’s only got some little back bumps and tiny nubs sprouting from its tail. Its coloration includes vibrant blues, with even more vibrant orange and yellow spots and red plates on its back.

Dino Dana Baby Stegasaurus Toy

Dino Dana Baby Carnivores

It’s not all plant eaters though – there are also some carnivore dino babies to join the fun. Before it grows into a fearsome fish eater with sharp teeth and claws, the baby Spinosaurus will have to learn how to swim with its mother – and a little help from Dana. With striking green and orange colors and its trademark “sail” along its back, this Spinosaurus is ready for some swimming lessons.

Dino Dana Baby Spinosaurus Toy


Next up is the Tyrant Lizard King – though this little dino is more of a prince or princess. This baby Tyrannosaurus Rex features a cute, toothy expression on its wide-eyed face, as well as some fashionable yellow stripes across its brown back. While it will grow up to be one of the fiercest and largest land predators of all time, you can’t deny the cuteness of this juvenile Rex!

Dino Dana Baby T-Rex Toy

Dino Dana Baby Quetzalcoatlus

Lastly, there’s one more Dino Dana baby figure, and this one’s not quite a dinosaur. Though it was a reptile and lived alongside other dinosaurs in the Cretaceous Period, this little Quetzalcoatlus was a pterosaur – a flying reptile.

This tiny pterosaur will need to learn how to fly, but for now it can get around by using its wings and little back legs to walk. With its grinning head turned upward, it appears to be patiently waiting for some food, perhaps from its mother!

Dino Dana Baby Quetzalcoatlus Toy

With its bright yellow bill, red crest, and blue and violet coloration, this Quetzalcoatlus is sure to stand out in the crowd.

We hope you will enjoy these Dino Dana inspired dinosaur toy designs, and remember – this is just the beginning! Stay tuned for even more Dino Dana dinosaur toys from Safari Ltd!

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