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A Penguins Toob Craft: DIY Fizzing Icebergs - Safari Ltd®

DIY Fizzing Icebergs

Did you know our Toys That Teach can be used for tons of different educational and DIY projects?! Guest Blogger Emily Limer shows us the many ways you can use our figurines!

A Penguins Toob Craft: DIY Fizzing Icebergs

I always love looking for ways to add a bit of science to my kids’ play - it is always so engaging! Today I’m sharing how we took some simple kitchen ingredients, along with Safari Ltd. penguins, to create an afternoon of fizzy fun! This is part science experiment, part small world play and it is so easy to do. Read below for the details on how to make your own fizzing icebergs at home! 

Materials Needed: 

-Safari Ltd. Penguins TOOB 

-Safari Ltd. Humpback Whale

-Baking soda


-White vinegar

-Blue food coloring

-Muffin tin

-Large, plastic tray or box

-Eye dropper 

How to: 

Step 1: Make your icebergs. To make the icebergs I mixed a box of baking soda with a small amount of water in a bowl. Add water until your mixture just starts to look like a liquid. Pour your baking soda mixture into each section of a muffin tin and place flat in the freezer. Allow to freeze completely. 


Step 2: Once your mixture has frozen, remove it from the muffin tin by running warm water over the back of the muffin tin. Place each of the frozen discs into a plastic tray or shallow plastic box. 


Step 3: Place your Safari Ltd. penguins from the Penguins TOOB onto and around the “icebergs”. We also added our Safari Ltd. Humpback whale which would live in Antarctic waters as well. 


Step 4: Fill a small bowl with white vinegar and add a few drops of blue food coloring. Place this, along with an eye dropper, into the play tray. 


Step 5: Your kids can squirt the vinegar onto the icebergs and watch them fizz as they melt! The chemical reaction between the baking soda and vinegar creates carbon dioxide bubbles. Ask your kids questions about what they observe happening to the ice and the animals as they play: “What happens when you add the vinegar to the icebergs?” “What if you add more, will it happen again?” “What happens to the penguins as the ice melts?” 

This post is by Emily Limer, a mom of two little Safari fans and a preschool teacher. You can follow her on Instagram @makingwithmommy for more kids craft and play ideas!

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