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Errands Made Easy- Sanity Savers for Life On-The-Go

Errands Made Easy- Sanity Savers for Life On-The-Go

You know the scene all too well – you've got a lengthy to-do list, but the thought of dragging your little ones through the grocery store, bank, doctor's office, or post office sends a shiver down your spine.

Kids and errands, a combination that can strike fear into even the most seasoned parent's heart. Fear not, for we're here to arm you with an arsenal of parenting tips to keep your kiddos entertained and, most importantly, maintain your sanity during the most mundane of tasks. 

Parenting often feels like a juggling act, but with the right tools and mindset,  errands can transform into quality time with your children. Below, we'll walk through five strategies to ensure your little ones are content and, dare I say, enjoy running errands with you. Scroll down for some parenting tips for keeping kids engaged during errands.  

The Magic of Snack Stashes

Snacks are a universal language for children – they can turn a frown upside down in a matter of seconds.

The secret here isn't just about the snacks themselves but the presentation and variety. Create a snack box filled with several options. Bento Boxes or mini boxes from Safari Ltd.’s Multicolor Organizer are perfect snack containers. Kids love having the authority to choose, and it keeps them interested and occupied as they munch on their favorites. Plus, saving a special treat just for errands gives them something to look forward to. Remember to also pack water or juice, as staying hydrated is essential, especially on busy days when routines can go out the window. 


Powerful Portable Toys

Portable toys are the unsung heroes of errands. Small figurines, miniature vehicles, pocket-sized games , fidgets, or playing cards can capture a child's attention and imagination in unexpected ways.

The key to using portable toys as a diversion is timing; introduce too many too quickly, and the novelty will wear off fast. By tapering the intro of a new toy or game just as boredom sets in, is perfection, and the entertainment begins all over again. Keep a tote bag or container of these toys in your car or stash them in your purse for quick access.

Check out some other pint-sized travel toy ideas.

Books, the Silent Saviors 

Books have a cognitive magic that few other items can match. They're simultaneously calming, engaging, and educational.

Books are wonderful for all ages; even nonreaders can look at and enjoy pictures or interactive elements. For errands, interactive books like touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap, or activity books are a great option. Not only do these keep little hands and minds busy, but they also tend to be more durable for life on the go. Encourage your children to help you choose books for specific outings, whether it's a story about the animals they'll see at the zoo, or a favorite that never fails to make them laugh. 


Unleash the Artists 

Art activities might feel out of place during a trip to the bank, but what's life without a little color?

Portable art kits, sticker books, reusable doodle write and wipe boards, or just a few colored pencils and a sketchpad can provide endless opportunities for creativity. Not only does the act of creating keep kids engaged, but it's also a fantastic way to involve them in the world around them – ask them to draw their interpretation of the sights they see out the window or in the waiting room.


Rockin' Retro - Going Old School

Lastly, don't neglect the power of a sing along or good old-fashioned games.

Classics like Simon Says, I Spy, or Guess in 10 or 20 Questions can transform the most tedious part of errands – the waiting – into a fun challenge. The beauty of these games is that they require little to no materials, just a little creativity and a willingness to play. Another tried and true practice is to let the littles lend a hand! If your kiddos are preschool and up, give them a helpful task. For example, you can let them check off a grocery list (use pictures if needed).  These classics will have everyone laughing and the time flying by.


Take It from Them

Making errands enjoyable for kids can be something other than a Herculean task.

It's about being creative, engaging, and, above all, patient. Take these tips and adapt them to fit your family's needs and interests. Remember, the goal isn't just to distract; it's to weave special moments into the every day, turning what could be seen as a chore into a chance to connect with your child. After all, someday, they may even look back on these errand runs fondly – and you'll be the superhero who made it possible.



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