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DIY Event Table Settings

DIY Event Table Settings

Stylish table settings are a signature detail essential for any event. However, they don’t have to be stressful! Get crafty with Safari Ltd® figurines and make a simple yet chic table setting sure to wow your guests. Read on for instructions.

What you’ll need:

–  Safari Ltd® TOOBS® of choice. We chose North American Wildlife and Farm TOOBS® for this table setting to evoke a rustic woodland feel. Each TOOB® brings 12 pieces.

– Bakers twine. We chose black and white to keep it classic!

– Spray Paint of your color choice. We chose gold. In general, metallics and matte pastels give table settings a fresh look.

– Mini Kraft Tags. You can get creative with your tag material. We chose Kraft because of its earthy element, which plays nicely with the animal motifs.

– Cardboard box. Got a leftover box from an Amazon delivery laying around? It’s not essential, but you’ll be thankful to have your box as a way to block wind and keep your spray paint in one contained area.


1) Line up your figurines in a box. We recommend setting up outside to keep the fumes safely out of your home.

2) Spray all the figurines! Let that first coat sit for a few hours and check back in. You’ll likely need 2-3 coats. Once the figurines are dry, simply change their positions in the box and spray the areas you couldn’t reach.

3) Prepare your tags! Have fun. Gel and metallic permanent pens add a little shine, but feel free to be creative here.

4) Once your figurines are dry and completely coated, thread your ribbon through the holes of the tag and tie them on.

5) Set them on top of your table setting and enjoy. Your guests will appreciate this personalized keepsake!

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