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DIY Election Mini Keychain - Safari Ltd®

DIY Mini Keychain


Everyone likes to make a statement with their accessories! Pick your favorite theme, and create a personalized keychain for keys, backpacks, or purses.

Let's get Started!

If you need a visual guide, view the photos below!

First step is to have your materials. Make sure you have one of our Good Luck Minis®  or  TOOBS® Miniature Figurines as well as a keychain that comes with a chain and screw eye pin. 

Next, grab your keychain as well your mini. Hold your mini steady in one hand and your keychain in another. We are going to poke through the middle of the toy with our keychain's screw eye pin.

Using the screw eye pin, poke a hole in the center of the mini. Be sure not to use too much force!

Once you made a small hole, you can remove the pin. Now reinsert the pin but this time, screw in the eyescrew. While you are carefully pushing in the keychain, be sure to rotate the pin inside.

Make sure the keychain is firmly inside the mini and you're finished! 

You can do this fun project with any of our minis or TOOB toys! If you do, make sure you show us by using the hashtag #HowiSafari! Now get out there and rock the vote!


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