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DIY Clay Bird Nests - Safari Ltd®

DIY Clay Bird Nests

Science and art are such a natural pairing. There are so many things in nature that are both functional and beautiful. I think that bird nests are a fantastic example of this. When we have found and observed nests in our yard my son always marvels at the different materials the bird used to create them. It’s amazing to see how they weave everything together. We created these clay bird nests together with our Safari Ltd. Backyard Birds TOOB to experience a bit of the magic and beauty of nature together. 


Materials Needed: 

  • Backyard Birds TOOB
  • Brown modeling clay (could substitute play dough or air dry clay)
  • Small, dry sticks from your yard or the park
  • Brown yarn cut into ~6 inch pieces
  • Brown shredded paper
  • Brown pipe cleaners
  • Feathers



  1. Take your modeling clay (or other clay) and roll it into a ball. Your ball of clay should be smaller than a baseball, but larger than a golf ball. Press your thumb into the middle of the ball of dough to make an indentation. Use your thumb and pointer finger to gently pinch around the edges of the clay to make a mini bowl shape. In pottery, this is called a “pinch pot”
  2. Use the sticks, pipe cleaners, paper and yard to turn your pinch pot into a nest! Your kids can experiment with the materials to decide how they want to use them. Try placing sticks in the pot and then weaving yarn and pipe cleaners between them. Or, you could begin with a layer of paper shreds and build up from there. Let your kids lead the way and be creative! When each nest is complete, you can choose a bird from your Backyard Birds Toob to live it in. 

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Emily Limer is a science educator and mom blogger! Follow along with her on Instagram @makingwithmommy

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