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DIY Animal Place Card Holders - Safari Ltd®

DIY Animal Place Card Holders

Adding a personal touch to your work space or events can be easy with do-it-yourself projects. Place card holders, like the ones on your desk or used as decorations for parties and weddings, don’t have to be expensive or plain. In our simple DIY Animal Place Card Holder project below we’ll show you how to liven up this simple object.


Things you’ll need:

  • Jaguar and Rhino, and Cow Moose figurines from Wild Safari® Wildlife collection (You can choose from any Safari Ltd® collection. In our case, we wanted to add a folksy element to our decor, so we went with quality figurines from Wild Safari® Wildlife collection.)
  • Spray paint - optional (We love how gold paint truly highlights all of the features on our animals. It adds a stylish element, but of course, they can be left as is if you’re looking for a more rustic look.)
  • Drill
  • Card holders


  1. Step 1 If you’re spray painting your figurines, this is the first step. Allow a day or two to dry!
  2. Step 2 Drill a small hole in the center of the animal. Then place your card holder inside the small hole.
  3. Step 3 Display your card holder! Place reminders, name tags, photos, or use them for events, like birthdays, dinner parties and weddings.

Have you ever made decor using our animal figures? Share with us using the hashtag #LOVESafari!




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