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DIY Animal Jewelry - Safari Ltd®

DIY Animal Jewelry

The art of fine jewelry making is not reserved for jewelers any more. With so many outlets teaching you how to DIY your life, hobbyists have taken to making anything– including their own jewelry.

Safari Ltd® has long been a darling of a niche community that enjoys using small figurines to make playful jewelry! We’ve interviewed such DIY mavens in the past as Australian entrepreneur Felice Caffery who uses Safari Ltd®’s Good Luck Minis® to create kawaii jewelry pieces.

Our figurines leave a pretty impressive fashion statement. Their small size means there are endless ways to turn them into jewelry and it doesn’t sacrifice on quality (even the tiniest Toys That Teach® are still authentic, accredited and hand-painted treasures).

In this case, we’ll show you how we turned our Toob® figurines into necklaces (Toob® pieces are a bit bigger than the minis but still small enough for jewelry making) and our Good Luck Minis® into earrings! Metallic looks are all the rage right now…


Dino necklaces


Things you’ll need:

  • Triceratops and Ankylosaurus figurines from the Dinos Toob®
  • Spray paint - optional (Safari Ltd® figurines look great as is due to their hand-painted detail, but we decided to make our jewelry sparkle!)
  • Eye screw
  • Silver necklace chain (You can buy a chain in any color or material, since we were spray painting our figurines we wanted to purchase a matching chain.)


  • Step 1 If you’re spray painting your figurines, this is the first step. Allow a day or two to dry!
  • Step 2 Place your eye hook in the center of your figurine.
  • Step 3 Insert your chain through the hoop and wear!


Good Luck Mini® Earrings


Things you’ll need:

  • Good Luck Minis® (There is a wide range of minis with tons of different types for any theme you’re looking for!)
  • Studs
  • Knife or something sharp to cut Minis
  • Craft glue


  • Step 1 Cut the minis in half. Be careful, these guys are tiny!
  • Step 2 Glue the front ends to the studs and let dry. Give it a day to dry to be safe.
  • Step 3 Wear your new DIY earrings. You are now a fashion icon with unique hand-made jewelry!

Do you like to create jewelry using our toys? Share with us using the hashtag #LOVESafari!


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