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Discover the Top 10 Dinosaur Toys for Kids: A Prehistoric Adventure! - Safari Ltd®

Discover the Top 10 Dinosaur Toys for Kids: A Prehistoric Adventure!

Boys and girls of all ages love dinosaurs. Some are big and scary, and some are small and cute. These are our top 10 picks for dinosaur toys for kids.

1. Feathered T-Rex

The king of dinosaurs, the Tyrannosaurus rex, is a favorite for many children. With fierce giant teeth, a loud roar, and strong, muscular legs, the T-rex was a dangerous predator. Recent discoveries show T-Rex may have had feathers. Our 12x5.25” realistic feathered T-rex toy reflects the latest science on dinosaurs.

2. Dino Fun Pack

Younger children will enjoy playing with our Dino Fun Pack, featuring eight different inch-long figurines of some of the most popular dinosaurs, such as Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, and Stegosaurus.

3. Dinosaur Skulls TOOB

Our TOOB toys are some of our top dinosaur toys because they include up to 12 different minis. This particular TOOB includes a variety of skulls that are perfect for hiding in sand or plaster so that your mini-archeologist can do their own dig. This is one of our favorite dinosaur toys for toddlers.

4. Dino Babies TOOB

Another fun option is our Dino Baby TOOB. It includes mini, cute “baby” versions of T-rex, Apatosaurus, Spinosaurus and more.

5. T-Rex Snapper Toy

This T-Rex Snapper is popular with kids because it features a T-Rex head whose jaws open and shut at the pull of a trigger. It’s close to 18 inches long and made of durable plastic. 

6. Triceratops Figurine

If your child loves to collect figurines, this lifelike Triceratops is a fantastic one to add to the collection. The Triceratops is one of the most known and beloved dinos with its three horns and bony frill. It’s seven inches long and four inches tall and is non-toxic and BPA free.

7. Yutyrannus Figurine

Yutyrannus was discovered in China and its name comes from Mandarin and means feathered tyrant. It was covered in feathers and had sharp curved teeth, a crest, and large claws. This figurine is sure to be a huge hit for your child’s dinosaur collection.

8. Dino Dana Baby Spinosaurus

If you’re searching for dinosaur toys, you most likely have heard of Dino Dana before. This Dino Dana egg hides a baby spinosaurus. It includes a QR code that you can scan and make your baby dino “real” using Augmented Reality.  Other Dino Dana baby dinosaur options include Quetzalcoatlus, T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, and other larger dino toys.

9. Dino Field Guide

For older children obsessed with dinosaurs, the Dino Dana Field Guide comes in two volumes and is full of fun facts and accurate illustrations that are sure to delight.

10. 6" Baby Talk My Dinosaur Friends

Give your baby or toddler a fun dino start with plush baby dinosaur toys. The fabric is soft and silky and free of loose threads. Each dino makes a sound, crinkle, or squeak.

Where To Buy the Best Dinosaur Toys

Our collection of lifelike dinosaur figurines is extensive and includes even little-known dinosaurs. We also carry dinosaur toys for every age and interest. Find more on our website.


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