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Create a DIY Fairy Garden - Safari Ltd®

Create a DIY Fairy Garden

Bring a little magic into your home or outdoor space with an enchanting fairy garden. Fairy gardens are the perfect DIY project for families, and they can provide hours of small world pretend play opportunities after they are finished. Roll up your sleeves, grab some gardening supplies, Safari Ltd fairies and magical creatures, and unleash your imagination!

Some fairy gardens are created outside in a flower bed, but for this blog, we are going to explore the container garden option!

How to make a fairy garden

diy fairy garden

What you'll need:


fairy garden


  1. Add a layer of gardening fabric to the inside bottom of your planter to prevent soil from falling through.
  2. Add about a 1” layer of rock for drainage.
  3. Add soil up to about 3 inches from the top rim of the planter.
  4. Sketch out a layout for your fairy garden. Remember to leave room for fairies and magical creatures to populate the garden.
  5. Plant flowers and plants according to tag directions. Note, when choosing plants for your container, choose plants that have similar care requirements. The amount of light is most important, because if you want to mix plants of various soil/watering needs, you can always plant them in a separate smaller container within the garden. For instance, you can have high water need plants in the larger container, and then add a low water succulent in a smaller pot as a decorative element.
  6. Add in hardscape (rocks, etc.), water features (real or fake), and any additional items (fairy house, bridge, etc.)
  7. Populate the garden with fairies, gnomes and other magical creatures.


Your imagination is your only limit with this DIY! You can have multiple layers within your fairy garden by using different sized pots. Connect the different levels with mini ladders [premade (purchase on Amazon or from Michael’s Craft Stores) or make from sticks that are tied with string or wired together]. Mini lights or water features (such as mini fountains, water dishes as “ponds,” or blue gems as a creek, etc.) add a touch of serenity. Create a homey feel by adding moss, pebbled walkways, mini wood round paths, etc.


fairies and dragons garden decor


What creative elements will you add to your fairy garden? We would love for you to share your creations by tagging us @safariltd on our social media: InstagramFacebook and Twitter. Check out our Fairy Garden how to short on our YouTube channel.


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About the writer:

Anji Audley is an educator with teaching and tutoring experience in PreK through elementary grades. She is also a mom of two active and creative boys. Anji is a strong advocate for play-based learning. Pulling ideas from Montessori, Reggio Emelia, and Waldorf, she infuses learning with hands-on STEM activities, nature, play, and art to inspire discovery and creativity. Follow her on Instagram.
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