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Collecting Animal Figurines: A Hobby for Nature Loving Kids! - Safari Ltd®

Collecting Animal Figurines: A Hobby for Nature Loving Kids!

Children without focus areas often become bored and frustrated, leaving their parents and caregivers searching for ways to capture and retain the child’s attention. Finding and nurturing hobbies that cater to a child’s interests can provide multiple benefits to all. For instance, children who love nature and the outdoors might enjoy collecting animal figurines.

Why Should Children Have Hobbies?

Hobbies are fun leisure activities that include some level of mental engagement. Many hobbies help children to achieve a vital psychological balance that leads to happiness. Hobbies can also:

  • Enrich a child’s development
  • Relieve stress
  • Provide fun ways to spend time
  • Foster social interactions and teamwork
  • Improve concentration, motivation, and creativity

Parents can help their children select and develop age-appropriate hobbies. Many of these choices provide teaching opportunities. Depending on the child’s age, parents can also benefit by having some downtime while the child pursues the hobby.

How Is Collecting Animal Figurines a Good Hobby for Children?

Regardless of their age, most children are fascinated by animals. Accurate representations of animals in high-quality figurines give children the chance to have hands-on experiences, making them feel more connected to the animal kingdom. Safari Ltd.’s website includes detailed information about the animals these figurines represent.

Safari Ltd. Offers a complete menagerie of animals in its vast animal figurine collection. You can choose figurines to add to your child’s collection using various filters, such as age, price, type of activity, and collection. Areas of interest include:

We also have a complete collection of figurines and sets for young dragon lovers. You can add depth by selecting other mythological creatures or those from folklore.

Adding to a child’s animal figurine collection regularly:

  • Gives parents the opportunity to teach the child about the specific animal and its habitat
  • Allows children to gather multiple figurines to play with and learn which animals are compatible with others
  • Encourages children to develop scenarios and dialog involving these animals

Children may develop a special attachment to a particular figurine, giving it a “security blanket” quality. As children grow older, they often display their animal figurine collection on shelves; they may even keep it to pass on to their own offspring.

Does Safari Ltd. Offer Other Types of Figurines?

As children mature, their areas of interest often expand. You can extend their hobby collection accordingly. Safari Ltd. has educational toys and figurines for many interests. Find a set of Good Luck Minis® or a TOOB® that focuses on things like:

  • Army soldiers, pirates, adventurers
  • Habitats or ecosystems
  • Groupings of related animals
  • World landmarks

While you can purchase some animal figurines separately, others are only available in sets.

Are You Ready To Start or Expand an Animal Figurine Collection?

Curating an animal figurine collection is a great hobby for children of all ages. Since the 1980s, Safari Ltd. has produced a wide variety of educational collectibles that children enjoy playing with. Each animal figurine has detailed accuracy and is hand painted to create a life-like appearance. Place an online order today or contact us. if you have questions.


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