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Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language and Hearing - Safari Ltd®

Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language and Hearing

Child Development: Fine Motor, Speech, Language and Hearing

Everything is new in the eyes of a young child. All the experiences adults take for granted are full of first-time wonderment for infants and toddlers. The earliest years of a child’s life are crucial for determining how he or she will react to and interact with the world. As they guide their infants to a better understanding of what they see, hear and touch, parents should be aware of the many developmental milestones children achieve. By focusing on a handful of major moments such as first words or steps, they may overlook the crucial building blocks that lead up to them.

For example, babies begin to make self-soothing sounds as early as their first month and should be able to make consonant sounds by the time they are 6 months old. Looking out for these foundational indicators will give parents a good idea of when to expect complete words. A lack of progress can alert them to a possible delay or problem.

Even the earliest days of a baby’s life can have a tremendous impact on his or her future development. For more information about the essential developmental steps children take as they discover the world around them, see the accompanying infographic. For information on the developmental stages of play, see the Safari Ltd blog post here




Author bio: Lisa Orlando is Senior Vice President, Marketing and Strategy of the Invo Family of Companies, which includes Invo-Progressus — a provider of employment and professional development for therapists. The company connects qualified candidates with job opportunities across the United States. 

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