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Best Educational Dinosaur Toys to Foster Learning and Creativity - Safari Ltd®

Best Educational Dinosaur Toys to Foster Learning and Creativity

Most children love dinosaurs at some point in their lives. Dinosaurs are a fun way to encourage learning and creativity through play. There are tons of educational dinosaur toys out there that are meant specifically to help children learn in a way that is exciting and engaging for them.

Why Dinos Are Perfect for Learning

Parents and teachers can use dinosaurs as a teaching tool, especially when working with younger children. 

One reason is because dinosaurs can introduce them to topics such as history, death, evolution, and time. Observing dinosaur bodies, skin, horns and teeth can also help children to learn about modern day animals and biology.

Since scientists are not exactly sure what happened to the dinosaurs, children can think critically and develop their own theories on why. This can also be an excellent way to show children that adults do not always have answers about everything.

When children play with dinosaurs, it may encourage them to speak, share and socialize both with adults and with other children.

The benefits of educational dinosaur toys are far-reaching, giving young children skills that they will use for the rest of their lives.

Dinosaur Puzzles

Finding an appropriate dinosaur puzzle for all ages is not difficult. Puzzles can help children with their motor skills, coordination, visual perception, problem solving, and can help with focus and attention span.

Younger children may enjoy dinosaur floor puzzles or wooden puzzles, whereas older children might like puzzles with more pieces or even 3D puzzles, like this EUGY Pachy puzzle.

Dino Board Games

Children four and up can start to play dinosaur board games. There is a wide variety out there, from strategy board games to dino dominoes and more. Dinosaur Escape Game is team-oriented, where children work together to save the dinosaurs.

Dinosaur memory and dino card games are also fun for many children. 

Dinosaur Figurines

Educational dinosaur toys do not necessarily have to be anything fancy or complicated. Simple dinosaur figurines naturally spark children’s curiosity. Games without rules or guidelines allow children to use their creativity to the fullest. Creative play comes intuitively as kids observe the characteristics and size of each dinosaur.

One universally loved figurine is the Tyrannosaurus Rex, with its classic tiny arms and giant, sharp teeth. Children concerned with scientific accuracy may also enjoy this Feathered T-Rex

Many kids also love the long-necked, plant-eating Diplodocus. Children with extensive dino knowledge will get a kick out of lesser-known dinosaur figurines, such as the Sauropelta or Amargasaurus.

The best educational dinosaur toys can be very simple. Parents can mix the contents of a Dinosaur Skulls TOOB with sand and a little bit of water to create a fun archaeological experience for their kids. Or, they can be hidden in sensory bins.

Where to Find Dinosaur Toys

Dinosaur toys are widespread, but Safari Ltd has a truly large range of educational dinosaur toys and accurate dinosaur figurines for children and youth of all ages, from puzzles to hand painted figurines. Explore the options online.


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