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DIY Animal Plant Holders - Safari Ltd®

DIY Animal Plant Holders

 Plants and animals are a natural fit for any garden or interior decor. They both add a touch of Mother Nature to any environment, in some cases providing a nice contrast to more modern designs.



In true do-it-yourself fashion, Safari Ltd® Wildlife Wonders provide the perfect canvas for easy and affordable projects that make your space pop. In this simple project, we’ll outline the steps of converting an animal figurine into a DIY plant holder.

Things you’ll need:

  • Elephant Wildlife Wonder figurines (We purposely chose this line from Safari Ltd® as the figurines are bigger, which make better plant holders since there is ample space to cut into.)
  • Small succulent plants (We bought fake plants, but you can definitely use real plants as well!)
  • Material to cut
  • Drill (If you are using a real plant.)
  • Spray paint (This is optional. The natural look of the animal still looks great as a plant holder, especially when its a quality figurine that’s hand painted, as is the case with all Safari Ltd® products. We chose silver because the metallic look blends in with most colors while adding some shine.)
  • Step 1 Cut a hole deep into the top of your Wildlife Wonder. This is the base of where your plant will sit, so cut enough room relative to the size of your plant. In our case, these elephants are quite small so we didn’t need too much room.
    • *If you are using a real plant, drill holes at the bottom for water to drain out*
  • Step 2 Spray paint your animals and leave them to dry. We recommend waiting a few days. Be careful not to get the spray paint on your clothing!
  • Step 3 Place your plant inside and place as desired in your garden or home!

Did you like this easy DIY? Have some DIYs of your own to share? Chat with us in the comments below or on social media with the hashtag #LOVESafari

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