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An Introduction to Greek Mythology for Children- The Story of Medusa - Safari Ltd®

An Introduction to Greek Mythology for Children- The Story of Medusa


Medusa Safari Ltd. © Mythical Realms Collection


Have an interest in Greek Mythology? Although these ‘myths’ seem to just be ancient stories, the depth of the lessons they teach is hard to fathom. Greek mythology has been incorporated into everything from Hollywood movies to children’s television shows. To top it all off, it is a fun and interesting topic to learn about. There are so many stories, so why not share them with your children? Luckily, most of these myths have been written in terms that children can understand. Make these stories come to life with our Mythical Realms® Replicas!

One of the best stories to begin with is the story of Medusa. You and your child can easily retell this story using our full sized Mythical Realms® Medusa replica.

The Tale of Medusa

Once upon a time, many years ago there lived a beautiful maiden named Medusa. Medusa was beautiful with long, flowing hair and soft skin. Medusa knew she was beautiful and spent her days walking around her hometown of Athens, Greece talking about her beauty to anyone who would listen and admiring her reflection whenever she came upon it. One day, Medusa traveled with her friends to the Parthenon, which was the largest temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. Upon viewing all of the beautiful sculptures and artwork modeled for Athena, Medusa said what a shame it was that they hadn’t modeled the art after herself instead of Athena, since she was so much prettier. All of the other people in the temple were shocked and alarmed by the girl’s bold statement, so everyone left the temple except for Medusa, who was too busy staring at her reflection. Suddenly Athena appeared in the bronze doors that Medusa was staring at, and told her what a vain and foolish girl she was. She then changed Medusa into a hideous monster with hair made of snakes and a long slimy tail. Athena informed Medusa that anyone who looked at her face would be immediately turned to stone, including herself. She then banished her to the end of the earth, where she would not run into innocent people and turn them into stone.

Has your child begun to express an interest in Greek Mythology? How do you teach them the stories? Share in the comment box below! Stay tuned for more Greek Mythology Posts! We will be posting ancient myths about figures from our Mythical Realms Toob such as Poseidon, the God of the sea. Don’t miss out!

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