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An At Home Easter Scavenger Hunt - Safari Ltd®

An At Home Easter Scavenger Hunt

An At Home Easter Egg Scavenger Hunt With TOOBS!

Looking for a way to shake up your yearly Easter egg hunt and make an at home Easter just as special? I put together an Easter egg scavenger hunt using some of our favorite Safari Ltd. TOOB animals and it was a huge hit! There were also a few things in particular that I LOVED about this activity even more than a classic egg hunt. 

First, it’s cooperative rather than competitive. I am a mom of two preschoolers (ages 3.5 and 2) and fairness is always a hot topic in our home. Doing our egg hunt as a scavenger hunt was a great way to encourage them to work together to find the eggs, rather than racing to try and get more than their sibling. From start to finish we did the entire activity as a team!

Second, no candy was involved! I love TOOB animals as a substitute for candy on holidays. We have given TOOB critters away with school valentines for the last few years. I’m even considering them as an alternative option at Halloween this year! With the prevalence of allergies among kids they feel like such a safe option to me and I love that they are a high quality, educational toy to gift!

Lastly, I loved being able to use this activity as an opportunity for learning. I’ll share the clues I used for my kids below and you’ll see that in each one I gave them a hint to help them guess what the animal inside the egg would be! My son (age 3.5) loved this part of the game and was so excited with each egg to see what animal was inside! One of many reasons why we love Safari Ltd. - they really are toys that teach! Have I convinced you to try this At Home Easter scavenger hunt yet?


See how to set up your At Home Easter Scavenger Hunt:

Materials needed: 

  • Eastern Cottontail Rabbit 
  • Your Choice of TOOBs animals (one per egg) *recommendations below*
  • Large Easter Eggs
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Stickers (optional)
  • Basket or bucket 

How To:

Step 1: First, you’ll need to decide on which TOOB animals to use! You can use toys that you already have, or use this as a way to gift you kid(s) a new set. I chose to use a variety of animals from different TOOB sets that we own. If you’re looking for a new TOOB, here are some of our favorites that have a nice variety of different animals in them: 

Step 2: Write your clues. This can be the trickiest part of this whole activity. My advice? Don’t sweat it if they aren’t perfect! It will be fun for your kids either way. Each of my clues had two sentences. The first was a clue about the animal that would be inside the next egg. The second was a clue about where to find the egg. I did my best to make the two sentences rhyme, but it wasn’t perfect. I also tried to make the flow from one egg to the other make sense for my kids. We started outside then worked our way through our downstairs rooms and ended upstairs! I’ll share the clues I used at the end of this post if you’re looking for examples. Write each clue on a strip of paper and number them to help you remember the order.

Step 3: Fill your eggs. Make sure you get large Easter eggs so that all of your TOOB creatures will fit inside. Place one TOOB animal in each egg and then add the clues. You can fold the clues and place them inside the eggs with the animal, or stick them to the outside with stickers, like I did. Do not place clue #1 inside an egg! Save this one for the beginning of the egg hunt. 

Step 4: Hide the eggs! This can be a bit tricky. You may want to read your clues as you go to make sure you put each egg in the right location. 

Step 5: Kick things off! I put out our Safari Ltd. Eastern Cottontail Rabbit with the first clue of the scavenger hunt and a note letting my kids know what was happening. We carried a bag with us as we read each clue and moved around our house finding animals! It was such much fun and a great activity for us to do all together. 


Our Scavenger Hunt Clues: 

  • Clue #1 (Bear): Inside this egg is a big forest friend. Look in the place where we send mail.
  • Clue #2 (Rooster): The next creature loves to cry “cock-a-doodle-doo”! Look in the yard for an egg that is blue.
  • Clue #3 (Lion): The king of the jungle is next on the list. Open the front door, he won’t be missed!
  • Clue #4 (Astronaut): Next is someone who travels in space. Look in our favorite book-reading place!
  • Clue #5 (Cardinal): In the next egg is a creature who flies. You’ll find it where Mommy keeps cooking supplies!
  • Clue #6 (Elephant): This next animal has a really long trunk. Look under the place where we throw away junk (trashcan).
  • Clue #7(Tiger): The next egg has an animal covered in stripes. It’s hiding near a big box of baby wipes!
  • Clue #8 (Stegosaurus): This last animal is big, but gentle and kind. He’s hiding upstairs, don’t leave him behind!
This post is by Emily Limer. Emily is a preschool teacher and mom of two toddlers who love to play with Safari Ltd. animals! You can follow her on Instagram @makingwithmommy for more kids craft and play ideas. 
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