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A special sneak peek at Safari Ltd® 2016 products! - Safari Ltd®

A special sneak peek at Safari Ltd® 2016 products!

New products mean new projects and learning games for your little ones...

How does a classic toy company stay ahead of the curve? Creativity and listening skills.

Safari Ltd® toys have been a long-time favored companion for parents and educators around the world. Whether as a complementary extension of a lesson plan, field trip or vacation, their educational toys have been the perfect way to incite genuine imaginative play in a world overrun by video games and apps. The company has been dedicated to saving creativity one figurine at a time.

This year though, there are some inventive updates to their traditional figurines… and new ways to use Toys That Teach®. A select few items are available to the public, and we’ve got the exclusive on how they came to be and how you can get crafty and scholastic with them.


This year, Safari released a set of animated dragons, taking a slight departure from the more traditional portrayal of what these magnificent winged creatures look like. The reason? Setting the bar higher and pushing creative limits. A company well known for its realistic and accurate portrayal of nature’s creatures wanted to show it can conquer the imaginative realm as well. And it sure did. Among its adorable new-style figurines are Happy Dragon and Grumpy Dragon, respectively, the mother-daughter duo Love Dragon and Baby Love Dragon, Baby Luck Dragon and Sleepy Dragon.

Already getting favorable reviews from parents, the more cartoon-like creatures are funny and loveable, resonating especially among younger kiddos and adults with a soft spot for cuteness.


Every year, Safari updates some of its most beloved animals to keep its reigning title as the leader of accurate and authentic figurines. On occasion, the CEO and President’s real life-up-close encounters result in the remastering and updating of its figurines. The dedicated pair are outdoor enthusiasts who take their mission to spread awareness of nature and its conservation quite seriously. That means more parents and teachers trust Safari Ltd® to give their kids an accurate portrayal of nature’s creatures.

A few of this year’s new animal figurines are the Wild Safari® Sealife octopus, Wild Safari® Wildlife platypus, chimpanzee and white cobra.


New dinosaur figurines are a no brainer for Safari. Their unique dinos have been heralded by scholars and the paleontologist community at large as the best figurines on the market. Each year, Safari works with accredited institutions to see what new discoveries have been made and bring a select few of those discoveries into your little ones’ hands. This year’s MVP’s are the Doediecurus and Plesiosuchus.



The Good Luck Minis® line in general has been a darling in the arts & crafts community. In response to the growing DIY-Safari Ltd® craze, the company has come out with several non-animal figurines, like the mini enlightened Buddha, Lucky Dragon and heart. Additionally, many of its traditional animal figurines have been making appearances as cake toppers at rustic, folksy-styled weddings and DIY decor elements for interior design, both of which are big trends in the fashion world.

Some of this year’s brides, DIY diehards and party planners’ favorite accessories are: Wild Safari® North American Wildlife black bear and wings of the world pelican, toucan and cockatoo.


New Good Luck Minis® and Bulk Bags mean more opportunities for kids to get to know their favorite animals in miniature. Many teachers, particularly in the Montessori community, have reached out to Safari citing the minis are excellent for counting exercises, sensory bins and other learning activities.

This year’s new line up: Powhatan Indians bulk bag, Exotic and Arctic mini Good Luck Minis® Fun Packs, and cheetah, harp seal, mammoth and zebra Good Luck Minis®.



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