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A Safari Exclusive from this Month's Chicago Toy & Game Week - Safari Ltd®

A Safari Exclusive from this Month's Chicago Toy & Game Week

Here's the Inside Scoop from Safari Ltd's CEO

Looking for practical advice, inspiration and recommendations around parenting, education and more? This month,  Safari Ltd's CEO, Alexandre Pariente, chatted with Chicago Toy & Game Week Magazine for an interview that will have you laughing and learning a little more about the man behind Safari Ltd's magic. Let's take a look...

As a father, business professional, and advocate for the environment, Alexandre Pariente shares his thoughts on the toy industry as a whole, where it's heading to and more. In fact, when asked about his thoughts on trends in the toy or game industry that are exciting or worrisome, here's what he said:

"As a parent, technology does worry me in the toy industry. Kids are spending too much time on screens and it’s not good, period. In fact, Fundamentally Children just released data that finds 75% of kids are not getting enough play time. That’s a scary number. Play allows kids to use their imagination, versus being programmed by a video game or app. I’m not completely adverse, of course, technology has a lot of value, but I’m concerned that our kids’ time is monopolized by devices. You go on a bus, there’s a screen, you go to the dentist, there’s a screen. It’s all about balance."

For more toy and parenting inspiration, check out the full interview below, or hop on over to our blog to see how other parents leverage our toys for educational activities. 


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We're all about play, which is why we love sharing our ideas as well as hearing our SafariFan's thoughts on playtime. The more we all share recommendations around parenting and education, the more our Toys That Teach® can be used to educate children about the importance of nature and its conservation while they play!

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