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A DIY Dino-Mite Birthday Scene with FREE Printable - Safari Ltd®

A DIY Dino-Mite Birthday Scene with FREE Printable

What is a Dino Drama Scene and why do I need one!?

Playful Dinosaur scenes are a fabulous way to add a fun surprise to celebrations! These cute scenes are also a wonderful way to build community and show love!



Creativity, storytelling, crafting…

Dinosaur scenes are fun way to bond with family and friends or build community. Display them on your front door denoting there's a celebration going on! Use Safari Ltd dinosaur figurines (or other Safari Ltd animals) to style playful drama scenes for birthdays, graduations, retirements… or just a sincere thank you to essential workers delivering your mail and packages. The figurines that you use can also double as a special bonus gifts!



A DIY Dino-mite Birthday Surprise






  1. Print all of the templates that you will need on card stock or decorative paper
  2. Cut out templates and follow assembly directions (listed on template forms)
  3. Dress the dinosaurs in party hats
  4. Decorate craft boxes (if needed: I used scrapbook paper to decorate)
  5. Put lids on medium and large boxes. Assemble the large, medium, and small boxes into a stack.
  6. Hot glue the medium box onto the large box lid and the small box onto the medium box lid.
  7. Hot glue or tape wooden skewers or straws standing up like poles (to hold banner) to opposite sides on the inside of the small box.
  8. Stuff tissue paper in the small box
  9. Add Dinosaurs “popping” out of the small box
  10. Add other Dinosaurs in various positions around and on the box “cake.”
  • Add mini presents and gift bags (I glued ribbon on mine and had the dinosaurs hold them in their mouths) to the scene.
  1. Deliver that Dinosaur Scene to your family, friend, neighbor or community hero or leave it for them as a surprise!



Anji Audley is an early childhood educator with experience in grades Pre-K through First. She is also a mom of two active and creative boys, ages 9 and 13. Anji is a strong advocate for play-based learning. She infuses learning with STEM activities, play, and art to inspire discovery and creativity. 


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