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8 Ways to Use our NEW Dinosaur Activity Book! - Safari Ltd®

8 Ways to Use our NEW Dinosaur Activity Book!

First of all let me just say: if you are looking for a one-shop stop for an entire unit on dinosaurs, Safari Ltd ® is your shop! The dry erase Dinosaur Activity Book is the perfect resource you need to start learning all about dinosaurs!

Here are some activities it includes:

Writing Practice

The book has pages that are perfect for your little ones beginning to write their letters. Practice includes tracing dinosaur names, counting dinosaur horns and writing the numbers in word format. This activity book is not only great for enhancing writing skills, but for developing fine motor skills as they go! The Dinosaur activity book is also perfect with dry erase markers and allows you to use the book over and over for extended use. 


dino activity book writing practice

 Cognitive Development

The activity book develops further cognitive skills by providing activities for your child to connect the dinosaur babies to their parents. This activity is not only great within the book, but could be applied with a hands-on approach using the Baby Dinosaur TOOB and the larger dinosaur figurines. As your child identifies certain similar key characteristics between the baby dinosaurs and their parents, they can match them together. They will develop their cognitive skills as the book scaffolds your child step-by-step by increasing in challenging activities, such as moving from counting horns of dinosaurs to sorting the dinosaurs into land, sky, and water animals. 


dino activity book



The activity book helps your child to develop counting and number skills as they count horns of dinosaurs. They count how many of the same dinosaurs are on a page using shape identification skills as they match the correct dinosaur to their shadow. 



There are a few sorting activities to get you started. First, your child will be able to use punch out cards included in the activity book or a Dinosaur TOOB to sort the dinosaurs into land, sky and water animals right on one of the pages. They will then get to sort the dinosaurs into carnivores, herbivores, and omnivores. The activity book even includes more sorting ideas, such as grouping by dinosaur colors, fins, horns, scales, feathers etc. 


Sentence Formation

On the back of some of the punch out cards provided within the activity book there are words for your slightly older child to sort into a sentence format. This is especially great for your children who are reading and learning how to create a sentence. 



Pairing the Dinosaur Activity Book with the Figurines

The activity book includes a variety of pictures of Safari Ltd's figurines. This is especially great because while your child is exploring the book, they can  use their figurines in a tangible way right along with their activity! They can use their 3D object to take a closer look as they are counting, comparing and contrasting, and sorting their dinosaurs. They can apply the activities from the book in a hands-on way as they physically match their baby dinosaurs to their parents, group, or category. 


pairing dinos and dino activity book


Flash Cards

The flash cards provided within the activity book can be easily taken on the go or used as another activity. The larger cards could be cut so that your child can match the name to the picture of the dinosaur and then match another card categorizing your dinosaurs into carnivores or herbivores. The back of the flash cards can then be used as a simple dinosaur puzzle for your little one to put together for a larger picture.  

Sensory Play

At the end of the Dinosaur Activity Book there is a page that uses images from the Dinosaur Skull TOOB and suggests throwing the skulls into a sand sensory bin for your own dinosaur dig challenge. Let your child explore pretending to be a paleontologist as they search for the dinosaur skulls! They can also determine what dinosaur they have found by matching the name cards to the skulls or by matching the figurines to the dinosaur skulls that they were able to dig up! 


You will love this reusable Dinosaur Activity Book as much as we do! And the best part is it’s only $9.99. I hope Safari Ltd plans on creating more activity books for their other figurines. It’s the perfect learning resource to accompany the figurines that we all love so much.


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