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Top 10 Travel Toys for Summer - Safari Ltd®

Top 10 Travel Toys for Summer

You've chosen the perfect destination for your next family vacation. You made the Pinterest board. You booked your hotel. You're ready. It's time to pack! But what exactly should you bring to entertain your kiddo on the upcoming trip?! We've hand-selected 10 of our toys best suited to keep your kids engaged while you enjoy some much deserved rest!

Each top pick comes from our TOOBS collection, which are typically used for DIY, school projects and learning activities... BUT a little known fact is they're perfect travel toys for a few reasons! First, they have portability and convenience thanks to their re-usable packaging with carry handle and latching lid. Second, each TOOB comes in a theme and we have such a variety available, it's easy to choose one pertaining to your travel plans. Plus, they're small and easy to pack!

Here are our top 10 Safari Ltd. TOOB picks for your next Summer Vacation...

1.In the Sky


2. In the Water


3. On the Road



4. Trains


5. Construction Vehicles

Depending on where you're visiting this summer, we have lots of TOOBS pertaining to your destination bringing the wildlife and habitat alive for your children and offering them a terrific keepsake to remember your special family trip! Our top choices for Summer Vacation TOOBS are:

6. Ocean TOOB



7. Desert TOOB


8. River TOOB


9. In The Woods TOOB

10. World Landmarks TOOB


Find additional travel toy option in the following collections:

Puzzles and Games 



Good Luck Minis

Sensory and Fidget 


Water Toys

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