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3 Types of Sensory Play Ideas for Halloween Fun: - Safari Ltd®

3 Types of Sensory Play Ideas for Halloween Fun:

Did you know that Halloween can be an excellent opportunity for sensory play?

Halloween is a time of excitement and wonder for children, filled with costumes, candy, and spooky decorations. Spooky sensory play will engage the senses and not only enhance a child's cognitive development but will also provide hours of entertainment and exploration.

Come explore three exciting Halloween sensory play ideas that are sure to delight your little ones and create lasting memories.


Spooky Sensory Bin:




Pumpkin Guts Exploration:


  • Gather a few small pumpkins or gourds and carve them out, removing the seeds and pulp.
  • Place the pumpkin guts in a large container or sensory bin.
  • Encourage your child to explore the slimy texture, squishing it between their fingers and hands.
  • Add your favorite large Safari Ltd. figurines, TOOB or Good Luck Mini figurines, spoons, scoops, or other tools for extra sensory stimuli.
  • Discuss the smells and sounds associated with the pumpkin guts, engaging multiple senses.


Create Your Own Monster:

Engaging in Halloween sensory play not only provides a fun and interactive experience for your child but also enhances their cognitive, sensory, and fine motor skills.

These three sensory play ideas are just the beginning of the endless possibilities you can explore during this spooky season. So gather your materials, embrace the spirit of Halloween, and watch as your little ones embark on a thrilling sensory adventure. Happy haunting and happy Halloween!

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