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Gift Sets That Make Learning Easy for Children - Safari Ltd®

Gift Sets That Make Learning Easy for Children

Are you looking for new fun ideas for school lessons or home lessons? Here are three educational activities for children  that are easy and entertaining! All you need are our themed sets, some curiosity and a lot of imagination!


1. Learn About An Animal’s Life Cycle

Wonder how to keep your kiddo's attention during an activity?

This Safariology Life Cycle Bundle set is amazing for teachers, educators and home school moms. It includes 5 Life Cycle sets, each containing between 4 and 5 individual pieces. Life Cycle sets help educate children about the changes animals go through during their lives by showing accurate, detailed representations of the various stages of animal life! Now you can get a set of five life cycle toys that include:

  • The life cycle of a Monarch Butterfly contains Eggs, Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Monarch Butterfly figures.
  • The Life Cycle of a Honey Bee contains Egg, Larva, Pupa and Honey Bee figures.
  • The Life Cycle of a Chicken The Life Cycle of a Chicken contains Eggs, Hatchling, Juvenile Chick and Chicken figures.
  • The life Cycle of a Frog The Life Cycle of a Frog contains Eggs, Tadpole, Tadpole without Gills, Tadpole with Legs, and Adult Frog figures.
  • The Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle  contains Eggs, Hatchling, Juvenile Green Sea Turtle and Adult Green Sea Turtle figures.








2. Learn About The Beautiful Creatures Under The Sea

Need ideas to make bath time even more fun?!

Make bath time fun and educational with this set of six aquatic animals. Not only are these toys realistic, scientifically accurate and detailed…they also float! This set features six Incredible Creatures, which are made larger and extra durable for toddler hands, come with an aquatic theme including animals from both fresh and salt water! Set contains:

  • Pufferfish,
  • Clown Anemonefish,
  • Sea Turtle,
  • American Bullfrog,
  • Reef Squid,
  • Koi Fish figures.







3. Learn About The Different Types of Transportation

Need ideas for an adventurous activity?!

Hit the road, sail the high seas, hitch a ride on the boxcars, and take to the skies with the Safari Ltd® On the Go TOOB® Bundle! This fun pack contains four TOOBS®: On the Road, In the Sky, In the Water and Trains, with a total of 42 miniature vehicles from the open road, sea, sky and train tracks!

These miniature vehicles will inspire your kiddo to race around the room, backyard, pool or the sidewalk with a broad and varied range of transportation options! 

  • Land: On the Go TOOB® features a semi-truck, motorcycle, police car, school bus, sports car, delivery truck, pick-up truck, ATV, and a fire truck. Also includes the Train TOOB® includes a freight station and connectable cargo car, log car, coal car, fuel car, coal, train engine, passenger station, caboose, cargo car and a dump car.
  • Air: In the Sky TOOB® includes an executive jet, a biplane, a parachutist, a blimp, a Concorde, a shunt plane, a jet plane, a helicopter, a space shuttle, a hot air balloon, a small aircraft, and a jumbo jet.
  • Water: In the Water TOOB® contains a jet ski, steam boat, zodiac raft, submarine, cargo boat, motorboat, windsurfer, battleship, cruise liner, sail boat, and a tug boat. 








Did you try one of our super amazing sets?! Tell us about how you used these incredible Toys That Teach at home or in the classroom! We want to know everything! 👇

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