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2022 Safari Ltd. & ToyTopia Digital Holiday Gift Guide - Safari Ltd®

2022 Safari Ltd. & ToyTopia Digital Holiday Gift Guide


A great gift isn’t about the price tag...

it’s about how it connects with a child.

Just like us, our kids have things that put a twinkle in their eyes. The perfect gift taps into your kid’s passions and areas of interest while also inspiring curiosity, creativity, and open-ended play.

Got a special kiddo in your life? We've got you covered! Our Gift Guide is organized by interest, and each category has a range of toys for different ages. Explore for a wide variety of options for kids of all ages. 

Click HERE to view our 2022 Holiday Gift Guide


Links to Products in Guide:

NOTE: Some items are only available at ToyTopia (our physical store)

Holiday Items

Active Sensory Seekers

Animal Lover

Architects and Engineers

Artistic Creators

Babies and Toddlers

Chefs in Training 

Cool Collectors

Cuddly Snuggle Bugs 

Curious Scientists

Made for Music

Outdoor Adventurers

Paleontologist in Training

Pretend Play Enthusiast 

Thinkers and Problem Solvers

Tweens and Teens

Vehicle Fans


(Multigenerational Play & Brain Boosting Fun) 

Family Fun



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