What is BiOBUDDi?

This new addition to Safari Ltd. is the world's first environmentally friendly building blocks for children.

These eco-friendly and educational line of brick toys were created so kids don't just imagine a better future, they build one! Plus, they're durable, sturdy and built to last generations, with a similar look and feel to other building block toys, except much better for the environment.

BiOBUDDi, a Netherlands based company, uses a natural compound that is highly biobased so that each block is safe for children and the environment! 

Curious which toys are coming to the US? See full list below:
  • Learning – Animals learning, numbers learning, etc.
  • Learning to Create – Block sets with baseplates
  • Learning to Build – Learning to build with 40, 60, 100 pieces
  • Wildlife – Jungle, Arctic, Lagoon, etc.
  • Town – Bank, fire dept, hospital, police, etc.
  • City Life – Restaurant, bakery, karaoke, ice cream, etc.
  • Characters - Baseball, hiking, riding, walking
  • Swampies – Swampies characters, vehicles and sets
  • Baseplates – The foundation of every build
  • Educational – Animals, City and Farm Education

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Building The Perfect Safari Companion

BiOBUDDi Block toysBiOBUDDi is the perfect compliment to your child's Safari Ltd. toys or your duplo LEGO sets! Children can build their own BiOBUDDi set for their Safari toys to play in, or just use the blocks to create new friend to play with. Names, shapes, and anatomy of animals are all available with the Animal Playset and others so children can bring various wildlife creatures to life by building them. Thanks to these toys sets, children never have to limit their imagination again! Watch as kids build an endless world with blocks made from the earth with a product made from the earth.

Eco-Friendly Toys in the U.S.A

The environment has always been a part of Safari's story, which is why we're thrilled that a 100% guilt-free way to play is finally here! 😄🌍
These toys (or building blocks) literally come from the earth and make great imaginative play tools! Plus, they're the perfect toys for play dates, play therapy, and family play time. Whenever and whoever you play with, you know it's safe for your child and the environment. What are you you waiting for? Sign up so you can be one of the first to order BiOBUDDi in the U.S!